importance infographics business meeting

3 Minutes Read | Communications

The Importance of Infographics in Business

Design is playing an increasing role in value creation for businesses. The driving factor of this phenomenon...

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infographic digital poster lessons learn stories

2 Minutes Read | Communications

Infographics vs “digital poster”, 5 lessons to learn and other stories

Hi folks! Since we stumble upon looots of infographic-related articles and news during the week, we decided...

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new website color scheme layout

< 1 Minute Read | All Things Piktochart

The New Infographic Website

This post is contributed by one of Piktochart's designers, Jen Yen. We have launched our...

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users piktochart infographics reach wider audience

3 Minutes Read | Communications

4 Users Tell Us How They Use Infographics To Reach a Wider Audience

Piktochart asked its users how they create strong content and engage their audience, as well as why do they...

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great infographic design viral computer start

5 Minutes Read | Communications

[Guest Blog] How to Make a Great Infographic Design Go Viral

I love data visualization . I love using infographics as part of my web marketing strategies. It’s...

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attract customers unique business bee flower

3 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Attract Customers Unique to Your Business

Publicity gone right is probably the most awesome things that can happen to a business. Seeing your marketing...

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Top 3 tips easy infographics computer notebook laptop pen

2 Minutes Read | Design

Top 3 Tips to Create Easy Infographics

We know that the web is now filled with infographics. Is it still possible to come up with infographics...

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reasons embrace infographics marketing campaign notepad

3 Minutes Read | Communications

4 Vital Reasons to Embrace Infographics in Marketing Campaign

With the emergence of viral marketing as an effective content marketing strategy, infographics are becoming...

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history city infographics piktochart

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

History of Piktochart Infographics

We Will soon be updating this post with the latest addition. Another change to our branding direction. Stay...

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desk notebook notepad univariate bivariate trivariate

< 1 Minute Read | Design

Visualizing Uni, Bi or Tri-Variate Data

On Piktochart, the Chart Wizard helps you to select the method of data visualization which you could use for...

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data visualization

2 Minutes Read | Design

How to Select the Right Data Visualization

When it comes to engaging the right data visualization there are some rules of thumb. There are many ways to...

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