3rd anniversary yearly plans friday throughout cake

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We turn 3 this month – Get 70 % off our yearly plans on each Friday throughout March

March brings a series of blissful festivities to us here at Piktochart. It's been exactly three years since...

Stanislava Andreeva Stanislava Andreeva
evoke different sentiments background images forest woods

3 Minutes Read | Design

How to Choose Background Images for Infographics

Background images serve as a setting for your content. It is the canvas of which the artist creates and plays...

See Mei Chow See Mei Chow
inspirations infographic idea bulb light

4 Minutes Read | Design

25 Inspirations for your Next Infographic

“The one thing that you have, that nobody else has, is you. Your voice. Your mind. Your story. Your...

Giang Trinh Giang Trinh
new themes health templates food fruits

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New themes : Health templates for Pro Users

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic...

Aaron Edwards Aaron Edwards
user story beakon uk human touch content marketing hand sand

3 Minutes Read | Communications

User Story: Beakon UK– How to Add Human Touch to Content Marketing

“Piktochart allows you to make nice visuals really quick. And in our business, time is everything." -...

Giang Trinh Giang Trinh
icons images must-knows effectively

3 Minutes Read | Design

Icons and Images : 5 ‘Must-knows’ on how to use them effectively

This is part of the Infographic Design Series. In this post, we will show you some neat tips and tricks to...

See Mei Chow See Mei Chow
obsess alignment pencils

3 Minutes Read | Design

Should We Obsess Over Alignment?

One of the most important things to have in mind when working on an Infographic project is to keep all the...

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infographic layout visual arrangement header

3 Minutes Read | Design

Infographic Layout Cheat Sheet: Making the Best Out of Visual Arrangement

This post is part of our series on infographic design. Check out the other posts here! Good visual...

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new infographic theme chinese new year celebration fireworks

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New Infographic Theme: Chinese New Year

As we gallop towards the end of the Year of the Horse, let us welcome the Year of the Goat with positively...

Aaron Edwards Aaron Edwards
typography typeface personalities tone infographics font

3 Minutes Read | Design

Typography I: How 4 Typeface Personalities Set The Tone of Your Infographics

Typefaces establishes the all-important first impression: Define content purpose and brand identity by using...

See Mei Chow See Mei Chow
piktochart design articles design colors crayons

3 Minutes Read | Design

Piktochart Design Series: With These 8 Articles You Can Now Design Like a Pro

Have the data but lack the design expertise? Fret not, our Design Series is here to help! Our in-house...

See Mei Chow See Mei Chow
text frame photo frame window border

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Features: Text Frames and Photo Frames are live!

It’s all about providing inspiration, cutting down designing frustrations and complications and giving you...

Harrison Niap Harrison Niap
celebrate piktochart 3rd anniversary education giveaway book

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Celebrate Piktochart’s 3rd Anniversary with an education giveaway!

Three years ago we embarked on the entrepreneurial journey of building a tool that unlocks people’s...

Stanislava Andreeva Stanislava Andreeva

3 Minutes Read | Design

Typography II: 4 Things You Need To Know To Pair Fonts Well

Matchmaking your typefaces (or pair fonts) can be fun! But, it can also be a pain when things go awry and...

Romina Viola Romina Viola
happy new year fireworks celebration

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Thank You All For Making 2014 Special – Happy New Year!

It has been the most exciting year at Piktochart! Despite some challenges, we're close to double our team...

Ai Ching Ai Ching
visual story instagram campaign family friends photo

2 Minutes Read | Announcement

‘My Visual Story’ Instagram Campaign – Tell your visual story via Instagram to win an Ipad.

The image is more than an idea. It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy." -- Ezra...

Stanislava Andreeva Stanislava Andreeva
learn top infographics 2014 study desk

3 Minutes Read | Design

What You Can Learn from the Top 50 Infographics of 2014

You know that infographics are a great way to get exposure for your brand or business. But you may wonder...

Kristi Hines Kristi Hines
piktotips piktochart tricks tips desk paper computer keyboard

2 Minutes Read | Design

Piktotips #1: 5 Piktochart Tricks you Probably Didn’t Know Existed

You know how sometimes when it comes to online tools or software, you just don’t know certain things until...

Marta Olszewska Marta Olszewska