Our first AYTM Survey

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AYTM on Piktochart Agile Re-iterating

And the results were…. pretty horrid. As transparent as we would like to be, we know that Piktochart has a long way to go before we manage to fix everything on the app (especially the fact that data visualization channels are not on green light). That said, we used a service called AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) which guarantees you to get a selected American panel that fits your demographic and criteria to answer a survey about your startup. We got an App Sumo discount for this and as curiousity killed the cat, we could not wait to be bludgeoned to death by a horde of brutally honest Americans.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the survey settings we have done. The more we customized the demographics, the more we had to pay… so we picked the 3 most important customizations possible in this case:

Age Range- between ages 28 and 40 (what we thought our prime prospects would be)

Income – between $50 and 500k (because if we tried to narrow this any further, we had to pay a lot for it)

Employment – Full time

Out of which,

How many would use Piktochart We wanted to find out why people were not interested in Piktochart at this point of time, so we went a little deeper and found:

– Only 22 new accounts were created in this period of time from AYTM. There were 50 respondents in total, which meant that taking 58% of negative “I-do-not-want-to-use-Piktochart” responses, it is possible that only 13 out of the 26 who left a feedback on why they would not use it even looked at the application.

– Out of which,

9 responses come as “I do not understand, I need examples”

7 responses came as “I am not interested”

2 responses came as “Not now”

2 responses came as “I do not want to pay for this”

3 responses came as “It did not load”

2 responses came as “It was not in English”

We had a lot to learn from this experience:

  • When people are forced to give you an answer on a paid survey, they are brutally honest.
  • We need to improve the User Experience by miles
  • Also improve copy (value proposition) by miles
  • Our highlight? Next time when doing a survey, ensure that these targeted people are mildly interested in data or presentation. Also, getting someone to do a survey when they are required to sign up for something is generally not recommended.

I do not think we will be on AYTM any time soon, but that said, we enjoyed reading some comments “I am not the person that shares my data” and “It is just not my kind of thing”. AYTM allows pre- assessment question for $150. Unless you are a big thriving brand, it is difficult for any startup to fork out that kind of money. Just my two cents 🙂

What are yours?