Aaron Edwards

Content and Campaign Manager | SpurPress

We don’t just say we listen to users, we actually listen and take your suggestions and thoughts seriously. So this one is for you!

We’ve had tons of requests from our dear Piktocharters for more Business and Marketing-related templates over recent months. We don’t just say we listen to users, we actually listen and take your suggestions and thoughts seriously. Hence, in response to those requests I’m happy to present you with 4 new Pro themes for your business and marketing needs!

1. SWOT Analysis

This SWOT analysis template highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that a business will face. It works as a strategic planning technique for leaders who want to lay out the internal and external factors that affect their business, which makes goal setting much easier.

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2. Customer Acquisition Funnel 

The customer acquisition funnel is the journey that marketers guide their users through, from first gaining awareness about the product, to finally becoming an evangelist and creating referrals for the company. This infographic lays out a marketing strategy which highlights key metrics, strategies, and customer personas.

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3. Company Values Infographic 

Every company has values, some are just better defined than others. These values are not just core to the company culture, but they’re also key to decisions made at the hiring and recruitment level, especially when determining whether a candidate is a good fit. This infographic helps lay out these company values, which can be useful for internal purposes – but can also be used to attract new hires that feel they resonate with your company values.

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4. Business Overview Infographic 

A business overview works to lay out your priorities for the year ahead, but also communicate to your employees and stakeholders the company direction. This infographic includes your company vision, a spot to present some data on industry trends and key competitors.

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As you can see, these themes are highly customizable and versatile just a few tweaks and customizations and you can create beautiful, professional looking infographics in minutes! Also, these themes are not limited to a purely business/ marketing angle and the only barrier to creativity would be your own imagination. So go on then, picture the difference!