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New Themes: Business and Marketing templates for Pro Users

Aaron Edwards

Content and Campaign Manager | SpurPress

We don’t just say we listen to users, we actually listen and take your suggestions and thoughts seriously. So this one is for you!

We’ve had tons of requests from our dear Piktocharters for more Business and Marketing-related templates over recent months. We don’t just say we listen to users, we actually listen and take your suggestions and thoughts seriously. Hence, in response to those requests I’m happy to present you with 4 new Pro themes for your business and marketing needs!

1. Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

This template highlights the difference between traditional marketing strategies and the more recent digital marketing strategies. This is a versus infographic with the template being split vertically down the middle.
You can use this theme to easily compare and contrast two different elements for your business needs.
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2. Internet Marketing

For this theme, we’re building on the growing trend that is internet marketing. It highlights four main aspects of Internet Marketing and what makes it so successful.
This theme is very flexible in it’s usage.  The icons and color scheme gives the template  a modern and hip look and is highly suited (but not limited to) for tech-related topics.
IM blog inserts 3. Adapting to Changes in the Business Environment

This template highlights some best-practices when it comes to adapting to a fast-changing business landscape.
The best part about this theme is its personalized icons. You get to see Barry the Businessman in various states starting from confused to well-informed all in one infographic!
This gem of a template is highly customizable and versatile, making it suitable for use for a large range of subject matter. The clean and well spaced elements allow users to explain precise points without risk of looking too “wordy”.


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4. Secrets for Successful Investors

Want to jump into the turbulent world of investments? Well then this is an infographic template for you. It gives you some general pointers on how to approach investments and what to expect while investing.
Again, it’s a customizable theme with icons that would match finance related subject matter. It’s also suitable if you want to highlight a step-by-step process.
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As you can see, these themes are highly customizable and versatile just a few tweaks and customizations and you can create beautiful, professional looking infographics in minutes! Also, these themes are not limited to a purely business/ marketing angle and the only barrier to creativity would be your own imagination. So go on then, Make Information Beautiful!