Rachel Choong

Student | London School of Economics

If you’ve been in the infograpics scene, you would be familiar with Anna Vital. Anna is a lawyer,  prolific infographer, sinologist, startup evangelist and all round cool woman. She and her partner, Vlad run Funders & Founders.

Their infographic, How to Make Money the Startup Way was wildly popular getting over 143,000 likes on Facebook. We reached out to them and they kindly responded. Fast forward a few weeks, here is the infographic in a free theme for you to use!

Chart your startup journey using this infographic, or rework it to include your own tips and tricks. It’s available for free to all users up until May 2014. Get started now.

Some tips and tricks from the Founders and Funders team to make a great info graphic:

  • Tell a story and start by thinking about a topic that is likely to garner interest
  • Use a simple colour scheme if you are focusing on easy-to-read content
  • Try to make your info graphic as short as possible (so it’s possible to skim information quickly)

This theme follows in the wake of Oceanic which was brought to you in partnership with Hubspot. Have a suggestion for who we should partner with next? Let us know in the comments below!

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