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Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a wonderful peak of interest and popularity with two of our existing infographic templates: Social Video Marketing and Transportation in Melbourne. Considering how interested and popular these topics and designs are with our users, we’re diving into these existing templates and create alternate formats for them!

There are a total of four different templates in report, poster, and presentation formats. Find out more about the new templates below and don’t miss out on our featured infographic of the week!

Social Video Marketing

This PRO infographic template was introduced a few weeks ago and our designers took it to the next level by creating a report, poster and presentation template for this same topic! You can use these templates to visualise and present key information with full elaboration in an engaging manner. Whether it is in the form of an infographic, report, poster or presentation, we’ve got you covered!







Transportation in Melbourne

This PRO report template was converted from an infographic template which was introduced last week. Use this template to easily visualise your report with facts and statistics. Go ahead and start creating your beautiful report!


Featured Infographic of the Week

Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our users that could provide you with great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by one of our very own PiktoGeeks in our office! He used it for a presentation – it looked so visually compelling that we had to feature it!

Flavien is a Data Scientist and a passionate coffee connoisseur with a special eye for good specialty coffee. In this presentation about Hand-Brewed-Coffee, he shares about 3 different types of hand-brewed coffee with full preparation tips. He even brought his own coffee equipments to perform a demonstration in the office and here’s a photo of Flavien in action!

Flavien, our coffee connoisseur
Flavien, our coffee connoisseur

Flavien repurposed our Course Syllabus Presentation template and customized his own presentation beautifully with simplified old school fonts to create a vintage-looking presentation. We hope this will inspire you to repurpose our pre-designed templates to your own needs and easily create a beautiful design! Also, follow our series this month on Repurposing Piktochart Templates and learn how to adapt, repurpose and modify our templates. Read our first blogpost from this series:

*click on infographic to view full infographic*


If you would like your infographic to be featured on our weekly blogpost, tweet us or send an email of your infographic to us! What do you get in return? Not only would you enjoy extra reach and exposure to your audience, but you’d be giving back to the Piktochart community – you’ll be an inspiration to others!
Templates Suggestion

Do you have a template suggestion that you think will benefit Piktochart users? We’d love to hear from you so share your ideas with us!