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October is known for two things: the national month of breast cancer awareness and the celebration of Halloween. Here at Piktochart, we’re huge supporters of great initiatives and to help raise awareness of breast cancer, we’re introducing a new infographic template about breast cancer awareness! Since Halloween is just around the corner too, our designers created an infographic and a poster template to help you prepare for this spooky season.

Find out more about the new templates below and don’t miss out on our featured infographic of the week!

Breast Cancer Awareness

This Free infographic template is inspired by Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, an organization in Malaysia that provides support for individuals with breast cancer and to educate the public about breast health issues. Repurpose this template to visualize your information or educate others of an issue in a visually compelling manner. Try it out for free this month!  




With the arrival of Halloween at the end of this month (which can be as fun as the dance above), here are two new templates to celebrate the festive season with! We have a new infographic template on Weird Facts about Halloween, followed by a poster template named Halloween 2015. Go ahead and start creating beautiful designs with these templates!  

Weird Facts about Halloween

Piktochart_Weird-Facts-About Halloween

Halloween 2015  


Featured Infographic of the Week

Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our users that could provide you with great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by Julianne Rulli-Vescio using Piktochart, called Health Spending Slows.

Julianne is the Art Director for Australian Doctor magazine and they have been creating infographics for the magazine over the past 3 years. They started using Piktochart to create infographics 2 years ago to engage their target audience, who are mainly general practitioners. Due to the nature of their busy work schedule, infographics are the perfect form of engagement as visuals can be encoded easily and quickly. Julianne created this infographic based on a medical news story about the decline of health spending in Australia, and highlights proportions of costs in different areas and rates of spending over time. Kudos to Julianne for creating a well-designed and informative infographic!

Featured Infographic_16 Oct

If you would like to design an infographic easily, feel free to draw inspiration from our series this month on Repurposing Piktochart Templates. Here are some highlights from the series so far: