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New theme: SWOT Analysis

We heard you. All your polite requests for SWOT analysis as a theme. So here it is! You can start creating your own SWOT analysis now! Get unlimited access to the templates by signing up for free.

Here’s a breakdown of how we structured the SWOT analysis infographic using data from a fictional “Coffeehouse”. Feel free to take it apart, make it your own.

First, we started with the headline along with a snapshot of the company. This section works as an introduction to the company to your audience. Include hard data to show why the company matters. For Starbucks, we picked the number of countries they’re in – More than a quarter of countries in the world has a Coffeehouse – talk about world domination.

Next, we included a chart showing the financial performance of the company in recent years. It shows how the company is doing financially – the bottom line.

We then move into the SWOT analysis. Starting with Strengths and Weaknesses in one block. Followed by Opportunities and ending with Threats  in two separate blocks.

Pro tip: To present your analysis in a grid, just clone the Strength+Weakness block to create a grid for the Opportunities+Threats. Clever? We think so. To change the colours easily, copy and paste the hex code from the other boxes at the bottom to form a multi-colored grid.

End with a conclusion for your analysis – don’t leave your audience hanging! This section could include recommendations, insights or conclusions based on your SWOT analysis.

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