Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

Here at Piktochart, we are strong believers of beautiful designs that work great and tells its story effectively. Behind every design, there should be a message to be communicated, data to be presented, or a story to be told. Regardless of what you are creating, keep that in mind and visualize it effectively!

This week, we are introducing two new templates:

  • ‘Visual Content Marketing Strategy’ – a presentation to report your findings and highlight results
  • ‘Baby’s Milestones’ – an infographic used best to highlight milestones and achievements

Let’s jump ahead and see how they can help you with your information to be presented!

Visual Content Marketing Strategy

This PRO presentation template highlights the results of a visual content marketing strategy in a visually engaging manner. Use this template to present a research report or survey results beautifully and create an impressive presentation for your audience!

Piktochart_Visual Content_Presentation_1

Piktochart_Visual Content_Presentation_2

Piktochart_Visual Content_Presentation_3

Piktochart_Visual Content_Presentation_4

Baby’s Milestones

This PRO infographic template visualizes the milestone of a baby in a creative manner and will definitely bring a smile to your audience of friends and family. This template is also suitable for designing a milestone of a student’s educational journey and a couple’s love journey along the years. Whichever design you may use it for, share your pride and love with this new infographic template!

Piktochart_Baby’s Milestones_Infographic

If you would like your infographic to be featured on our weekly blogpost, tweet or send an email of your infographic to us! What do you get in return? Not only would you enjoy extra reach and exposure to your audience, but you’d be giving back to the Piktochart community – you’ll be an inspiration to others!