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Content and Campaign Manager | SpurPress

We at Piktochart are pleased to bring you 4 new PRO themes to help you along in the areas of Finance and Education!

If you are someone who has asked yourself this question more times than you care to admit, no worries, you are just like the most of us. We often find ourselves trying to solve an almost constant financial puzzle and it may be stressful sometimes. But according to the wise guy himself, it’s really not our fault.

We at Piktochart are pleased to bring you 4 new PRO themes to help you along in the areas of finance and education! Whether your needs are to earn some cash on the side or if you’re generally unsure on how to manage your finances- we have you covered! We also have an infographic to educate about education and some neat tips on how to knock that elevator pitch out of the park.

1. Earn a little side ‘Cha-Ching’

This infographic proves that your day job shouldn’t hold you back from gaining a little extra income. It also provides some good insights for the unemployed or for those who have some free time to earn some cold hard currency(or vouchers) !

This template is created with finance professionals in mind. The icon packs, clean and well spaced elements allows for effective reporting of data.

Here is an example on how you can use this template for finance.

2. Financial Spring Cleaning

Welcome to the world of Finance where ‘interests’ does not relate to how much something is appealing to you and there is a high likelihood that you may have ‘withdrawal symptoms’ every time you go near your bank. Puns aside, this infographic highlights some basics of banking and commerce perfect for teaching novices.

The crisp style of this template makes it perfect to use in the classroom as well as in the boardroom. Adding some tables and charts from our database will get you to create that financial report in no time at all!

You can produce something like this too.

Hack: You can learn how to produce high quality infographics from posts from our Design Series

3. Education is Key

Education and learning never stops. As the saying goes ‘one is never to old to learn’ on the contrary, there is also another saying which goes ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ . How do we settle this, is there any order to this chaos- fortunately there is : get a Cognitive Neuroscientist and a Canine Behaviourist (both of whom worked very hard in their respective disciplines) to battle in out in one epic debate and we’ll find the solution or just agree to disagree.

This flexible template allows you the freedom to be able to use your creativity. It has a minimal color scheme and icon pack that allows your data and content to ‘do the talking’

Some minimal design infographics can be seen here and here.

4. How to improve your Elevator Pitch

“You’ve got 1 minute…Go!” – What does one do when faced with such a situation? This spruced-up infographic teaches you just that.

The video above is an elevator pitch about the need for elevator pitches by an elevator pitch champion. Enjoy!

This brightly colored infographic is great for creating an infographic designs that pop and is able to catch the eye of the viewer.


This will be a great template to be made into a signage or to highlight some tips

I hope these templates on finance and education will help you create a more sustainable financial management plan and also to help you get started in creating some awesome infographics! Don’t forget- Make Information Beautiful!