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Community Evangelist | Piktochart

This week’s templates originate from our company retreat this year to Melbourne, Australia, where we were utterly blown away by the organized road system and public transportation systems available in the city. We commute on a daily basis to get from Point A to B, and sometimes we undermine the benefits of public transportation. Due to high demand and from this very inspiration, our designers created two new infographic templates to explore all things about transportation!

Also, we are adding a whole lot of additional transportation icons in our library. Find out more about the new templates below and don’t miss out on our featured infographic of the week!

Public Transportation

This PRO infographic template uncovers the benefits of taking public transportation with the reasoning and statistics to back it up. Customize this template easily and repurpose it to share the benefits of your own topic. If you feel clueless on how to do that, check out our recent post on repurposing templates for your own topics.


Transportation in Melbourne

This PRO infographic template was inspired by our recent retreat in Melbourne in which our designers were mesmerized by the highly structured public transportation system. You can repurpose this template to share facts and statistics on your own topic. Present your own facts visually using this template!


Featured Infographic of the Week

Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our users that could provide you with great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by Muireann O’Keeffe called The Connected Educator using our Infographic: Course Syllabus template.

Muireann is an academic developer in Dublin City University and she created this infographic syllabus for a professional development course for the university’s staffs to improve the use of social media. We love how Muireann repurposed our template to make it her own by adjusting the colour scheme and adding some icons into our template. The result: a visually compelling course syllabus which will help participants of her course to have a better understanding of the course. Excellent job, Muireann, for designing a beautiful infographic syllabus!

*click on infographic to view full infographic*

Featured Infographic

If you would like your infographic to be featured on our weekly blogpost, tweet or send an email of your infographic to us! What do you get in return? Not only would you enjoy extra reach and exposure to your audience, but you’d be giving back to the Piktochart community – you’ll be an inspiration to others!

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