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New Theme: Infographic Templates for Social Media Growth

“Infographics are still an effective strategy for generating traffic and building links” – Neil Patel

Over the past couple of years, infographics have been on the rise in the world of data visualization. Content marketers, startups, and educators have since been actively seeking solutions to utilize infographics as an effective way of visualizing information. Research has shown that 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and 45 percent more web users click on a link if it features an infographic, which explains the effectiveness of infographics. 

While infographic design may seem to be an impossible task for individuals without any design experience, we are here to change that! In the words of Neil Patel, “You can design professional looking infographic in 15 minutes using Piktochart”.

This week, we are introducing more new templates that are easily customisable to visualize your information. Find out more about the new templates below and don’t miss out on our featured infographic of the week! Try out all of the templates for free.

Social Media Growth

The amazing growth of social media platforms have always been hard to visualize in one’s mind considering its scale. However, with infographics, this daunting task no longer seems to be so challenging anymore! This PRO template comes in infographic, presentation, report and poster formats, and was inspired by Social Media Today insightful statistics. You can use this template to effectively simplify complex data that is hard to consume. The visuals make it all easy!

Try out this template with the different formats:


Featured Infographic of the Week

Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our users that could provide you with great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by Neil Cary called Bag Charges.


Neil is the Managing Director for Asia Opinions Ltd and he created this infographic to communicate the results of a survey to members of their survey panel at Surveygoo. Neil simply repurposed an existing template in our library, Business Infographic, and easily made it his own by customizing the icons and statistics.

All our templates are designed for easy customization to help you make the best out of them. If you would like to learn how to repurpose Piktochart templates for your own needs, check out our series on Repurposing Piktochart Templates. Here are all the blogpost from this series:

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