Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

Have you ever written an article with loads of valuable information, but wondered if your audience would understand it and actually read it all? Have you ever desired for people to share your content and for it to go viral? Over the years, content marketing has been on the rise with a study by Aol & Nielsen revealing that more that 27 million pieces of content are shared on the Web every single day.

Here at Piktochart, we understand your challenges as a content writer, blogger or a marketer in presenting your content. Writing an informative blogpost simply isn’t enough. But great headlines, captivating storytelling and attractive visuals is what makes people scroll down, read and eventually share your piece. Visualized data makes people more attracted to your content and increases its shareability. Piktochart is all about making information beautiful so today, we present you with two new infographic templates which were used to visualize the data on our own blog article and a featured article this week.

1. Do Vacation Days Really Make You Productive?

This template was designed in collaboration with our friends at Hongkiat who wrote in an article which tackled the question, “Do vacation days really make you productive?”. To help their readers better visualize the amount of data which were presented, we collaborated with Hongkiat to make their information beautiful in the form of an infographic. This template is best for summarizing important content from a huge chunk of information. Also, check out the infographic below to find out the answer behind the question!

Do Vacation Days Make You Productive

2. Tips from Top Entrepreneurs

This month as part of our Entrepreneurship Series, we have been featuring articles on startup culture, productivity and founding among others. One of them was ‘101 Marketing and Growth Tips From Top Entrepreneurs’, published earlier this week. As the title suggests, we shared 101 tips focusing on growth, optimization, marketing, paid search and more from top founders, growth hackers and entrepreneurs. While some might be inspired by tonnes of valuable tips, we thought we could help you better visualize information in an infographic.

This template is suitable for a variety of topics where you can include photos with the details on the side. Some ideas you can work on: list of the U.S. Presidents, quotes by famous figures, introduction of team members, ideas are endless!

Tips from Top Entrepreneurs

We hope these new templates will help you present your content in a more compelling way and engage your audience better!