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New Theme: Infographic and Report Templates for Presenting Information

Hey there! We’ve just set our foot on Sweet September and this week, we are introducing two new infographic and report templates. We hope these new templates will help you to create beautiful designs and feel free to share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter! Give the new theme a try right away by signing up for free.

Student Time Management

Ever wonder how do students manage their time effectively? Our new PRO infographic template uncovers that and breaks down the information through visuals. This infographic template is also suitable for summarising topics with different components such as duration of an activity or timeline event with key takeaways of the topic.


Poverty and Hunger

This PRO report template is designed in collaboration with The Rules about poverty and hunger. Key statistics and information are visualized in this report to help audience gain a better understanding of the topic. This report template can be used to visualize most types of statistical data, such as a non-profit organization’s financial report! Visualize your own data with this template and present it beautifully!


Featured Infographic of the Week

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Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our user that can provide you with a great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by Rachel Mann called Life Cycle of Focus Materials using our Pro Production template. 

Rachel is a Content Marketing Team Lead at BigWing Interactive and she created this infographic for one of her clients, CDR Global, Inc. She recently wrote a blog about the Life Cycle of Focus Materials and used an infographic to illustrate the concept in the best way. Besides that, Rachel shared that she used infographics for almost all of her work. Thank you, Rachel, for being an amazing supporter of Piktochart. We hope you’ll continue to be inspired and keep creating beautiful infographics!

“Piktochart has been a game changer and analytics have shown that there is value in these graphics. Most of my clients see a high ROI in web traffic (and even conversions) when I use infographics to illustrate content.”


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