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New Theme: Infographic and Poster Templates for #BackToSchool

Hey there! In conjunction with the #BackToSchool season, our designers have created three different templates for the new school year! First up, we have an infographic template for class syllabus, followed by posters template for a school summer bonfire night and an education event.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, we hope all the new education templates will empower you to create more beautiful designs for your classroom! Jump right into it by creating a free account on Piktochart.

Infographic Course Syllabus

This free infographic  template helps you visualise a class syllabus in a more compelling way and is perfect for teachers who want to communicate with their students creatively starting from the first day of school. Learn from our teachers how to effectively set some rules and expectations as well as help students become better learners through an infographic syllabus. Try it yourself and impress your students with your own class syllabus design!


Summer Bonfire Night

With the new school year starting, this PRO poster template is suitable for designing a school event poster which can be used as an announcement or an invitation. Create beautiful designs with this template for your school events, parties and gatherings!


Education Poster

This PRO template is also perfect for designing an event poster using a real photo as the background. Include your event details using icons in this minimalistic poster template. Give it a try by signing up and be creative with your design!


Featured Infographic of the Week

Every Friday, we select an infographic created by our user that can provide you with a great design inspiration. This week, we’ve selected an infographic designed by Tess Brooks called Intimate Partner Violence using our Pro Air Pollution template.

Tess is the founder of Confi, an online community working to be the go-to resource for young women seeking advice on health topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about. Their goal is to make information more relatable, credible and visual, using infographics designed with Piktochart. This infographic was designed to raise awareness about the sensitive topic of intimate violence and hopes to clarify misconceptions of the issue.

We loved Tess’s infographic which was very informational and can be presented in a visually engaging manner. Despite not having any previous design experience, Tess managed to design an important topic creatively using Piktochart and this infographic will help many people better understand the topic of intimate partner violence. Congratulations Tess for an excellent job!

If you missed out, we are currently running a #BackToSchool campaign especially for educators and students until the end of September. Get 60% off the yearly Education plan for only $15 and win a 12-months Class Subscription for 30 individuals worth $360 by entering our giveaway. Upload a photo and share your story on Instagram to stand a chance to win this amazing prize for your classroom. Also, check out our #BackToSchool stories featuring teachers sharing their top tips of using Piktochart in the classroom. Be inspired by these posts!

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