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New theme: Frugal Living

Rachel Choong

Student | London School of Economics

You eagled eyes may have noticed we’ve launched a new theme. Presenting: Frugal Living. What’s great about this new theme is it comes with TWELVE new icons. Yes 12 – count them!

The theme is built around 9 steps to be in control of your finances. It has a finance/business feel to it. And so it can be used professionally in the board room, office notice board and intranet. This theme is fit to be repurposed for action plans which produces measurable results.

Frugal Living, it’s themes and icons are available only for PRO users.

Frugal Living
  • Arun

    While this is a great theme, but I think I am in serious need of some new themes around some popular topics (Home improvement- Carpet cleaning, pest control, plumbing, Also social media (SEO/SMM) Internet marketing etc etc), but of course they will get copied exactly by a lotta people, so I’ll still have to re-design them for my clients, but it’ll still help.

    Just used the Inbound marketing theme (exact) for my client, from over 60 that I have made using your software in the last 2 months.

    So, if I have to continue being a pro member here, I do need more designs and fast. At least some more simple flow based ones can be added asap. So I can use them for “top 10 lists” on various topics. You just have one decent looking which I have used 5 times now. Other times, I had to edit some themes to make simple top 5-10 lists.

    Pls reply with all seriousness here and fast.

    • Aaron-Pikto

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for your suggestions on creating more themes on home improvement and digital marketing.

      We are always pumping out relevant themes as often as we find possible. We get dozens of feedback on the types of themes and templates to put up from many of our users and the designers go through a rigorous process to pick the most appropriate themes to develop.

      Please tune in for our new developments in themes and I hope you find something that will better feed your needs in the near future.