Aaron Edwards

Content and Campaign Manager | SpurPress


Roses are red, Violets are blue,

We have a lovely theme in store for you!

Remember the Disney Classic Lion King where the two newly in love lions were tangled in sweet romance while being serenaded by “Can you feel the Love tonight“? Well, as Valentines day approaches I hope you find your special Simba or Nala to frolic around in the woods with. But let’s be honest, chances are you are probably like Timon or Pumbaa complaining about a loss of a friend to the enchantment of love.  Don’t worry (Hakuna Matata) though- here at Piktochart we welcome meerkats and warthogs of all shapes and sizes !

Unlike our close animal cousins in the wild, human expressions of love come at a huge financial cost. So this is the day where we go out and shower our loved ones with gifts, dinners, wine, chocolates and overall niceness. What’s not to like about that?

We should be aware of what financial damage this holiday can bring to our wallets. We did some data crunching and came up with some impressive numbers. I’d like to present you with our new theme!

New theme - TCOVD

You can also use this theme for a variety of reasons. Say you want to ask that special someone out on a date – using an infographic shows some effort and that’s bound to win you some brownie points (thank me later). On the other hand, if you want to  warn your friends or kin about the financial perils of V-Day, this could work too. Whichever your stance on Valentines’ is, this template can feed your needs.

It will be available for Free for a limited time so go forth and love (and create an infographic)!