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New Theme: Business and Infographic Resume Templates

Cover letters and business/formal type infographics have been an all-time high demand template for Piktochart users.

This week, Piktochart introduces two new infographic templates that have been frequently requested by our users. The first one is a business type, formal-looking infographic that retains visual appeal, followed by a cover letter (CV) format template that would come in handy for job applications.

If you’re looking to use infographics in more formal occasions, this week’s new templates are for you!

Business Infographic

This business type infographic counts on its control on the amount of colors used in the infographic to produce a visually-appealing, yet non-distracting design. “The Real Cost of Traditional Business Filing Processes” is an example of business-related topics, and is used as the main content of this infographic. It is best used for business pitches or proposals, applying for partnerships, or even communicating internally about new systems.



Infographic Resume

This professionally-designed infographic resume blends achievements and information into visuals, creating an attractive and concise graphic that translates into a first good impression. What’s better is that you can easily use it just by editing the elements such as text and icons into what you need!



Happy Piktocharting, and we wish you a bullseye on what you aim for!



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