Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

It’s the middle of summer for the northern hemisphere and while it’s summer break for many, looks like the world isn’t stopping anytime soon at producing more and more stories (Hello Pluto!).

This week, Piktochart introduces three new templates for banner, presentation and infographic formats respectively. The banner template is an announcement template, followed by a sales presentation template. Lastly, the infographic template is suitable for interesting facts and statistics. Don’t slow down either – let the new templates help you tell the world your story and get your message across too!

Congrats New Horizon Poster

Ever wondered how to make a statement with your announcements? This banner template helps you reinforce your announcements with an outstanding design that is sure to make heads turn. Whether it is an announcement for an event, sales promotion or new product, this PRO template is sure to capture the attention of your audience!

Piktochart Banner - Congrats New Horizon Poster

Sales Presentation

Love it or hate it, we all deal with presentations at some point of our life be it in school or a working environment. This new sales presentation PRO template will help tell your seemingly ordinary stories through beautiful and engaging presentations.

Piktochart Presentation - Sales Presentation

Tech Savvy Traveller

We all love travelling and this infographic template is inspired by the article, ‘The most and least relaxed countries, based on how people behave when they travel’, written by The Washington Post based on a study by TripAdvisor. This template is best used for visualizing interesting facts and statistics, which instantly makes your information more engaging for your audience.

Piktochart Infographic - Tech Savvy Traveller

We’re not done yet – there’s more good news! In the spirit of giving this summer, we will be updating our Free infographic templates library with two additional templates! These two existing templates, 2015 Resolution and Capture The Moment will now be available under Free templates for everyone. Be inspired to create more with these minimalistic and easily customisable templates!

Piktochart Infographic - 2015 Resolution

Piktochart Infographic - Capture The Moment