Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

It’s September and we’re excited to announce that we’ve just recently hit the milestone of 6 million users! Having six zeroes after any digit is impressive enough, and our new milestone has been stellar – all thanks to amazing users like you! We are truly so grateful for our community of users!

As we’re getting ready to enter the last quarter of 2016 and perhaps reaching another new milestone by the year-end, here are the new templates for this month. Try them out and share your designs with us!

Universal Blue Infographic, Presentation, Poster, and Report

This series of new templates have been given a fresh and universal look to suit all your designing needs. Whether you’re visualizing information for your classroom, school project, business idea, or company presentation; these templates will fit them all well.

Start creating your own infographic, presentation, poster, and report with these templates!


Chapter Recap Infographic

If you’re an educator who is looking to spice up your classroom lesson, this infographic template will help you do that! Easily visualize your own lesson or chapter recap in the form of an infographic and help your students take away learnings in a more engaging manner. With this template, your lesson notes will no longer look ordinary and boring.


Fashion Event Poster

Running a cultural or fashion event for the community? This poster template will attract the crowd for your event with its eye-catching design. Visualize the details of your event beautifully using this template. Give it a try!


Fashion Basic Presentation

If you’re a fashionista who’d like to present your idea or initiative, look no further than this presentation template. Share the background, mission, and vision of your idea in a visually engaging manner with this modern-looking template!


Vintage Poster

This vintage-looking template is perfect for designing a poster for a workshop or education event. Easily customize this template with the event’s details and also include photos of the guest speakers to help your audience get a better idea of the event. Go ahead and start designing with this poster template!