Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

October is here, and even as the year is drawing to an end, our designers continue to be hard at work designing new templates for all your needs. We’ve recently wrapped up our Back To School promotion for educators and students, and we’d like to thank all our awesome education users who were a part of it!

We’ve got a bunch of amazing new templates coming your way all the way through the upcoming holidays, but for now, here’s a little more info about the new templates this month. Let us know what you think!

Classroom Basic Infographic, Presentation, Poster, and Report

This series of new templates is perfect for use in classrooms from elementary schools to college lecture halls. We think they’ll help enhance the learning for educators and students alike. You can easily create an infographic to visualize a lesson, create a report to summarize a project, or present an idea in an engaging manner. Start creating with these templates!



Fashion Basic Report

If you’re looking to create a well-styled report check out this new report template. This fashion-inspired template can be used to give more details about an event or project with a breakdown of key subjects to make it more understandable for readers. Include details like a summary, a timeline, the financial breakdown, your goals, and other details that will make your report concise and clear.

Black Friday Infographic

With the Black Friday season just a month away, here’s an infographic template to help you build the hype for the busy shopping season. Showcase your products that will be on sale and visualize related information for your audience in an appealing manner. Make the best out of the upcoming season with this infographic template!



Halloween Poster

There’s no better way to invite your friends to a party than a beautiful looking poster. Since Halloween is just around the corner, our designers have worked out a recipe for a spooky yet beautiful poster template for your Halloween event – not one but two! Easily customize the templates according to the details of your event and spice up your party this year. Try them out!


Beyond The Sea Infographic, Presentation, and Poster

This series of new templates is all about marine-related topics and is also suitable for visualizing in-depth and thought-provoking data. The layout of these templates makes it easy for you to summarize your data into bite-size information, which will help to answer all the questions for your audience. Try out this template in the infographic, presentation, or poster format!