Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

Every new month is worth celebrating, and we have a big reason to be celebrating this month – we’ve just hit two new milestones: 7 million users and 16 million infographics created! This wouldn’t have been possible with all our awesome community of users, and we’d like to extend a massive virtual hug and high-five to you!

This month, we’re introducing new templates that will help you to impress your audience while making sure that your information is easy-to-read. Give them a try, and as always, let us know your thoughts by sharing your creation with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Movember Campaign Presentation and Report

In the spirit of Movember this month, we’ve designed new templates to help you raise awareness about men’s health in a visually engaging manner. The new report and presentation templates are designed to capture the attention of your audience with their rustic and minimalist look. Start creating with these templates!


Student Card Report

We’re proud to introduce this report template which was designed in collaboration with the Royal Society of Arts and The Teachers Guild to redesign the report card for the 21st century. This template is perfect for educators who are looking to be innovative in the classroom, and the customizable layout in the template can be edited to visualize the academic progress of your students.

With these beautiful reports, it should be much easier to communicate your students’ progress to their parents in a glance. Give this report template a try!


Beyond The Sea Report

If you’re a researcher, this report template is suitable to be used to visualize ocean-related topics, environment-related topics, or simply your research findings. The modern and color combination of this template makes it look captivating and professional at the same time. Impress your colleagues and students with this report template!


Thanksgiving Presentation

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re proud to introduce a Thanksgiving presentation template to help you create a minimalistic and captivating presentation deck. The vibrant colors of this template will surely catch the attention of your audience and get the message across to them. Give this presentation template a try for your next presentation in the classroom or a meeting!


Department Goals 2017

As the year is coming to an end, it is also time to begin planning for the new year in the corporate and business sector. This new presentation template is suitable for visualizing the goals of your department or organization in a professional and clean design. The template has been designed in such a way to help you present your key goals clearly to get your audience on the same page. Start presenting with this presentation template in your next meeting!


My Journey

We’ve designed this presentation template specifically for the classroom and to help students visualize their content creatively. The fun and vibrant design will make your presentation stand out and capture the attention of your audience – and might score you some extra marks too! Say goodbye to boring classroom presentation and give this template a try!