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New Templates Update for March

In the blink of an eye, March has arrived and we hope you’ve had a remarkable year so far! Recently, we released a new demo video which we’re excited to share with you below.

Our designers have been hard at work in our design factory creating new templates to help with all your designing needs. Check out all of our new templates to enhance your design game!

Business Idea Pitch Infographic

Looking for creative ways to pitch your business idea? Try using this infographic template to visualize your business idea and help win the attention of your potential clients and investors.


Project Outline Presentation

If you’re managing a project for work or school, this presentation template will help to visualize your project outline in a simplified manner. Get your team on the same page with this template!


Persona Introduction Infographic, Poster, and Presentation

Introduce your customer or user persona in a visualized format with this infographic, poster, and presentation template. With this template, your persona report will surely stand out!



Meeting Agenda Infographic, Poster, and Presentation

Turn a boring meeting into an interesting one with this infographic or presentation template. Visualize your agendas and topics in an engaging manner for your team.


Design a beautiful and visually engaging agenda poster with this poster template. Help your attendees get a clear idea of the agenda with one quick look.


Now over to you

We’d love to see your creations, so feel free to share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Wilson Moy

Wilson has been delving into the world of digital marketing in the SaaS industry since 2015. Marketing aside, he's an avid road cyclist and enjoys a good cup of coffee. Connect with Wilson on LinkedIn.

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