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Your New Poster, Presentation, and Infographic Templates for May

It’s officially the month of May and besides the hype surrounding season six of Game of Thrones tv series, we’re also equally excited to be introducing brand new templates to you for this month!

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Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

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New This Week (Week 5):

As we’re approaching the end of the month, here are three new infographic templates to help you design infographics that looks organised and well-structured. This set of of templates are designed for preparing agendas or plans for your specific needs; whether it’s for your school project, business agenda, or team scrums.

Give them a try for your own needs and let us know your thoughts!

Business Agenda Infographic

Easily visualize a business agenda for your team and clients using this Pro infographic template. With the customisable contents, you can simply replace the contents with your own agendas and create an easy-to-read infographic while maintaining a professional design.


Education Agenda Infographic

How do you make school lessons and projects more engaging? Whether you’re an educator or student, this Pro infographic template is suitable for visualizing a summary of your lessons or assignments. You can also use it for presenting a topic or idea in a beautiful manner.


Piktochart offers a special pricing for education. Feel free to check it out and sign up for a free account to get started.

Startup Agenda Infographic

This Pro infographic template is designed with a fun and creative vibe, and is perfect for startups! Use this template to design the agenda of team meetings and scrums, and turn those boring data into attractive visuals for your team. Give it a try!


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Week 4 Templates

We’re taking it a notch higher by introducing a set of Pro infographic templates that offers more style choices and structured layouts designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind.

Don’t miss out on the quick tips in the templates that will help you to get the best out of your design. Try out the templates below for your business, education, or startup/freelance designs.


Week 3 Templates

This week, we’re going back to the basics with these new infographic templates. They are designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind to help you custom design your infographics with better-structured layouts. They all include the same (topic free) content but feature different themes and colors to suit your design needs for business, education, or startup/freelance projects.

As a bonus, the content in these templates includes quick tips to help you get the best out of your design. Try them out for free – there’s the Business Basic, Education Basic, and Startup Basic template!


NBA Score Card Poster

With the heat of the NBA Playoff season, this free poster template will help you design a poster to visualize the results of the games. Easily customize this template and showcase the results of your favourite basketball team via your social media channels or blog. This template is also suitable for visualizing results of other types of sports, so get creative and start designing!


Week 2 Templates

High Paying Stress-Free Jobs Infographic

Think there’s no such thing as a high-paying, low-stress job? Our new PRO infographic template is inspired by Business Insider’s article and is suitable to be used for comparison or steps of a process. The attractive visuals and icons in this template will make it easier for your audience to derive the information. Give it a try!


Job Recruitment Poster

If you’re a startup or organisation looking to recruit more employees, our new PRO poster template will be perfect for you! Design a creative yet simple graphic for your job recruitment poster easily using this template. The colors and design also implies a casual vibe which will attract job seekers of similar preference. Check out this template!


Week 1 Templates

Mother’s Day Poster

Show love to your beloved mom with this poster template by easily customising your own special message and printing it out as gift for them. This poster template is available for Free this month, so show your love with your own designs!


10 Rules of Professional Etiquette for the Digital Workplace Infographic

How aware are you about professional etiquette in a workplace? Our new collaboration infographic with Aaron Orendorff’s article on LifeHacker uncovers that question and we’re releasing it as a template for our users.

This template is best used for summarizing and visualizing a long article with important point forms. Try out this template for Free this month!


Web Marketing Strategy Presentation

Here’s another collaboration infographic we did with Bluewire Media, an Australian web strategy consulting firm that offers a multitude of resources for marketers including templates, online courses, and trainings.

The template is based on the popular Web Strategy Planning Template developed by Adam Franklin and his team. We turned it into an infographic presentation that shows how the web marketing universe fits together to help marketers attract leads, retain clients, and increase revenue.

It highlights all of the individual building blocks that create a web ecosystem, including website, blog, emails, search, backlinks, social media, and content marketing. It can be used to present a new strategy to your team or clients!

Try it out here.


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