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New Infographic Theme: Templates for Reports and Surveys

Reports and surveys; what do they have in common? They can crunch and convey data really efficiently, but there’s no denying that most of the time it can end up being a sore-eye without good visualization. As a solution to the challenges of presenting a report or survey with complicated data, our designers have designed two new infographic templates for reports and surveys this week.

With these customizable templates, you can now present important data in a visualised and engaging way. Say goodbye to boring reports and surveys!

World Bank Report

This PRO template is designed in collaboration with World Bank for their report on Malaysia Economic Monitor, June 2015 – Transforming Urban Transport. The report highlights key findings from the study and presenting important information like this in the form of an infographic draws eyes and attention, which greatly encourages information spread. This template is suitable for visualizing a report and breaking down data especially when there are a lot of numbers involved.


Developer Survey

This PRO template is designed based on the 2015 Developer Survey carried out by Stack Overflow. It is a demographic survey with 26,086 people from 157 countries. With such massive amount of data to present, this template allows the results of the survey to be clear and concise, and you can easily organise the result of your own survey with this customizable template. Additionally, you can also use this template for the presentation of an idea for a business meeting or a school project.



Wilson Moy

Wilson has been delving into the world of digital marketing in the SaaS industry since 2015. Marketing aside, he's an avid road cyclist and enjoys a good cup of coffee. Connect with Wilson on LinkedIn.

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