Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

What are the major world events happening this week?

We’re approaching mid of the year and are more dedicated than ever to our vision of helping you get the most of our tool. Piktochart is so much more than infographics. In our platform you can also create banners or posters for events, reports and presentation slide decks. This summer we will be exploring this topic in a series of blog posts, bringing you tips and inspiration on great visuals you can create in Piktochart besides infographics.

This week, our designers created two new templates that represent two upcoming major world events during the first week of June. These templates can be used to highlight important information of your events and promote them to your audience with eye catching visuals.

1. World Environment Day 2015

This PRO template was designed in partnership with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) who are the organisers of the World Environment Day that is happening this week on June 5. You can use this template to highlight key facts of an event in an easy and structured way.

In case you did not know, you can also add a video into your infographic and your audience will be able to watch it through the published link to your Piktochart infographic. That will help make your infographic more interesting and add value to the message. Find out more about the World Environment Day, register your activity and make a difference on this planet.

World Environment Day 2015

2. UEFA Champions League Finals 2015

One of the biggest football nights of the year, the UEFA Champions League Finals will be happening this coming June 6. All eyes will be on this night and we designed an infographic to analyze this major sporting event. With the intriguing facts and attractive visuals, this infographic will help your audience get a better understanding of the event.

Besides portraying event’s data, this template is also suitable for client reports and case studies. Its structure is a combination of the timeline and comparison theme. Present your own ideas with this customizable PRO template!


Both of these templates are ideas on how to use Piktochart besides creating an infographic. Go ahead and make your information beautiful!