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New Infographic Theme: Templates for Designs

Every week, we aim to bring you something fresh from our oven and we’ve got just that for you this week. We are introducing three new templates for banners and infographics. The first banner template is a poster template that utilizes a photo background, then we’ve got an event flyer template, suitable for an event invitation. Finally, the infographic template is perfect for highlighting information.

Below this week’s new templates, you will find our featured infographic of the week and a sneak preview of what’s coming up next! You can try them right away by signing up for free to access all templates.

Healthy Living

A picture speaks more than a thousand words and our new banner template will help you design a poster using a photo as the background. With the simple and clean fonts, this poster will definitely attract the attention of your audience. Create beautiful banner designs with this Free banner template!


Annual Dinner

It’s that time of the year for a company’s annual dinner where everyone dresses their best and looks glamorous! This PRO banner template will help you design an event flyer that looks elegant with key information of the event to go along with the theme of the dinner. Create the hype and excitement for your guests with this easily customisable template!


Recruiting Strategy

This PRO infographic template is inspired by Recruiting Strategy: 5 Things Execs Should Be Thinking About in 2015 published by Jibe. It’s a great example of turning information into a beautiful design and making it easily understandable. This template is suitable for infographics with a list of information to be highlighted. Wait no longer and start creating!


BarCamp Penang 2015

Piktochart has been a strong supporter of the local startup scene in our hometown Penang, Malaysia and this year, we are proud to be a sponsor of BarCamp Penang! BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering to share ideas, knowledge and insights in an open environment. In our support of our sponsorship for BarCamp, our designers have created an infographic for BarCamp Penang 2015 using one of our existing templates, Penang Startup Ecosystem. Register for BarCamp and come to meet us and learn more stories about Piktochart!


Featured Infographic of the Week

Every week, we handpick one infographic from hundreds different ones created by our users that can provide you with a great design inspiration. This week we chose the Pancreatic Cancer infographic created Rachel Miller.

Rachel is involved with Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society, a volunteer-based organization that serves to support those with and touched by pancreatic cancer, create awareness about the disease, and raise funds to support pancreatic cancer researchers across Canada. She designed the infographic to aid in gaining sponsorship as she participated as a cyclist in an annual fundraising event ‘Pedal for the Pancreas’ that raises funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer research.

“I wanted to create an infographic to educate about this devastating disease and highlight the significance of need–it’s the most seriously underfunded cancer!”

We love the great cause that Rachel is using this infographic for and the simple yet profound message behind the design portrays just that. We also like the use of the appropriate icons to highlight the given facts and the use of not more than 3 colour themes. This is a well-designed infographic that is concise and clear to the audience. For that, hats off to Rachel for being featured this week and we hope her design will be an inspiration to you. Keep making beautiful infographics!


What’s Cooking?

Everyone loves surprises and here at Piktochart, we love surprising our users! We won’t be giving too much away but here’s a sneak preview of our upcoming photo infographic template. Something special is cooking and we’re excited to be sharing this real infographic with you soon so stay tuned because we might even have a special blog post dedicated just for this!

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