Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

This week, we are featuring a new infographic template which is the brainchild of a collaboration with our friends at Rare Genomics Institute (RGI). RGI is an international non-profit organization that provides access to cutting edge research technologies, physicians, and scientists across the globe. Despite the increase of rare diseases, very little is invested into the necessary customized research and diagnosis for these diseases, leaving an estimated 20 million Americans in need today.

By providing an expert network and an online crowdfunding mechanism, RGI helps families pursue personalized research projects for diseases not otherwise studied. This initiative is achieved by bringing together scientists who share the same passion for helping rare disease patients and leverage the crowdfunding capabilities of the Internet to bring the hope of a cure to the patients.

Our new infographic template gives an insight of what rare disease is about and the works of RGI in that
field. We also included the impact of RGI on the rare disease community and this is an example of visualized data without the use of charts. This template can be particularly used to highlight key data from a research and present it in a more visual way. The white background of this template and the pastel colors give it a clean and professional look.

At Piktochart, we are committed to helping non-profit organizations do more inspiring work so we offer a special pricing plan for non-profits and social businesses. Take a look at our special PRO pricing for non-profits. You can make reports for your stakeholders, create compelling presentations for fundraisers, and spread awareness of your causes using our easy tool. We are also keeping this template free for the whole month of June in association to our partnership with Rare Genomics Institute. Go ahead and try this template to create your own infographic for your non-profit organization.

For more information about Rare Genomics Institute, check out their website and be inspired to make a difference.


Piktochart is proud to have worked with non-profit organizations such as:

  • WWF Norway
  • The Refugee and Immigrant Center – Asian Association of Utah (RIC-AAU, US)
  • AIDS Fondet (‘AIDS Foundation’, Denmark)
  • Giving One Percent (Australia)
  • The Bank Workers Charity (UK),
  • Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation (US)
  • Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church (US), and many more.

Every month, we collaborate with non-profit organizations by creating customized infographic templates that raise awareness about the cause of the organizations. If you are part of a non-profit organization and would like to collaborate with us to create an infographic template, drop me a message. We’ll be happy to work with you!


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