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New Infographic Theme: Chinese New Year

new infographic theme chinese new year celebration fireworks

As we gallop towards the end of the Year of the Horse, let us welcome the Year of the Goat with positively bleating hearts!

Chinese New Year is celebrated by Chinese Communities worldwide and the festivities go on for a whole 16 days from the Eve of the New Year up until the Lantern Festival. It is during this time that the Chinese pay respect to deities and ancestors, It is also a period of time steeped with tradition and superstitions and amazing cuisine!

The year of the goat is associated with traits of calmness, gentleness, creativity, thoughtfulness and honesty which are traits that we here at Piktochart embrace wholeheartedly and hope you do too.

In line with this auspicious celebration we are glad to share with you our beautifully designed theme for your use! The theme highlights some auspicious facts and figures, some dos and dont’s, and have generally beautiful looking icons and colour scheme.


You can use this highly customisable theme as a greeting card, or if you celebrate the Lunar New Year with friends who have not heard about the celebration, this infographic can provide you with the necessary information to navigate around the superstitions and traditions during this celebration (so you don’t offend the elders).

Have a Great Lunar New Year and don’t forget, make information beautiful!

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