Romina Viola

Customer Delight Officer | Piktochart

“The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color.”
– Hans Hoffman

After many scrums, hours of drafting and brainstorming, it’s finally here.

The new Color Scheme feature is live!

color scheme gif

We came up with the idea for this new feature by looking at all of our users’ great work. We thought, what if people could spend less time choosing their color palette and more time being creative? What if people didn’t have to limit themselves to the single color palette our designers carefully chose for each of our templates?

What’s the Color Scheme feature?

    • Professionally chosen color schemes, curated by our team of designers.
    • An array of color choices for you to choose from.
    • Suggested color schemes, easy to apply with a single click.
    • Consistency in the composition of your creations.
    • A flexible color wheel that allows you to choose your own colors.

skiphursh color scheme piktochart
Isn’t this color-explosive news? ? (source)

Got questions? We’ve got answers:

Q- Will I be able to enjoy this cool feature if I’m a Free User?
A- Yes! This feature will be available to all of our users: PRO, LITE and Free.

Q- Why don’t I see Color Schemes for PRO templates?

A- Well you won’t just yet. As Free templates are the most widely used of all templates, we chose to start with them when adding color schemes. However, we’ll gradually start enabling color schemes for PRO templates as well. Stay tuned!

Q- Why do some templates have only a default color scheme?
A- Older templates are a bit more complex, so they may only have one color scheme for now. However, additional schemes may be added in the near future.

Q- Can I apply color schemes to all objects within a visual?
A- Not all objects support color schemes but you can apply color schemes to: shapes, lines, monochrome icons, all types of text, and backgrounds. You can’t apply color schemes to charts, maps, text frames, photo frames, photos, multicolor icons.

Q- Why can’t I apply color schemes to charts and maps?
A- This is because charts and maps are very complex objects that are made up of multiple shapes.


Now you can go all Yayoi Kusama on your upcoming visual creations. Why not, right? You’ll have curated color palettes to choose from and a platform to base the aesthetics of your new project. We know you can’t wait to try it. We look forward to seeing your new, color-blasting creations!

Let us know how the color scheme feature helps you with your work in the comments below!