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May 2022 Release: New Piktochart Visual Editor Plus 56 New Templates

This product update post for May is a little late because we wanted to wait until this week to tell you about an important update that we’ve worked on for more than a year now.

In the video below, Marcos talks about the templates we shipped for you in the last month. Afterwards, keep scrolling for a preview of our new templates plus details on our latest product update.

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Your best work done in less time with the newly-refreshed Piktochart Visual editor

As part of our goal to build the future of information design, we’re finally rolling out the completely-redesigned Piktochart Visual editor this week.

After 18 months of thoughtful planning and getting valuable feedback, Piktochart users can now be more efficient with an editor that’s so easy to navigate. 

Everything you need to create, design, and share visuals are accessible with just a single click. 

screenshot of the newly refreshed editor for Piktochart Visual
The newly refreshed editor for Piktochart Visual

The most significant change starts with the new layout in Piktochart Visual.

Over the last few years, we often get feedback about how some of the features in our editor are less accessible.

Now, we’ve reorganized everything you need to do your best work – from charts to color combinations to illustrations. They are now more visible to you, quickly accessible, and simple to use. 

No more endless clicking to find what you’re looking for! Get your visuals done faster without compromising quality. 

Here are the most important improvements you should try with the newly refreshed editor: 

1. Multiple possibilities with the new and powerful left sidebar 

The left sidebar houses all the tools you need to help you design with ease and get as little stress as possible. Perfect when you have multiple deadlines to chase, and your hands are all tied up. 

Graphs, charts, photos, icons, color schemes, text frames, you name it. The left sidebar has got your back!

screenshot of the left sidebar
Everything you need to create beautiful visuals is in the left sidebar

2. Create beautiful, original visuals with the addition of 3.5 million icons by IconScout

Whether you’re planning to make a class presentation or create a progress report for your next all-hands meeting, skip the generic-looking icons and be more original with millions of icons from IconScout that you can access right away.

Added bonus: It’s so easy to find a specific look for your icons with the new icon style filter.

As a result, your icons get a more consistent and uniform look. This is an advantage especially if you’re aiming to build a solid reputation for your brand or business as consistency in design fosters and establishes trust.

screenshot of new icon library in Piktochart
Get access to 3. 5 million icons by IconScout

The new IconScout library is available to Pro accounts. Free accounts can still enjoy Piktochart’s icons library and get a preview of the icons in the IconScout library.

3. Fun and function combined with new, exciting ways to get the colors you want for stunning visuals

Certain color combinations will always appeal to you, and it can be a waste of time if you have to recreate a color scheme for every visual you’re working on.

As part of our goal to make the user experience more efficient, the newly-redesigned editor comes with a universal color scheme feature.

screenshot of universal color scheme feature and eye dropper tool in Piktochart Visual
Fun new ways to play with color schemes in Piktochart – universal color scheme and color picker’s eye dropper tool

Save your favorite visual’s colors and use them for a color scheme of future visuals you’re designing.

How does it work?

As an example when creating an infographic, you can apply the color combination you created last week to a presentation you’re sharing with the team during your monthly meeting. This is perfect for teams who want to stay consistent with their visual branding assets.

The magic of color picker’s eye dropper tool

What’s more, you can also find and extract the precise color you need for your visual with the addition of the color picker’s eye dropper tool.

Click on the eye dropper tool, drag it to your preferred color, and click once to implement the color change. It’s like magic!

The universal color scheme feature is available to Pro accounts, while the eye dropper tool is available for everyone.

4. Replace photos seamlessly 

With Piktochart’s classic editor, you need to resize and crop an image every time you add it to a template.

With the newly-redesigned Piktochart editor, you can add an image or photo frame of the perfect size with just a single click. Say goodbye to time-wasting cropping and resizing of images. 

This new feature is available to everyone. 

screenshot of how easy it is to replace photos in the new Piktochart editor
preview of how to replace photos easily in Piktochart Visual – no need for cropping and resizing

Here’s what else is new in this editor refresh:

  • Full-color customization of texts for charts and maps 
  • Masking is even more seamless 
  • More options for resizing presentations and texts 
  • More powerful auto-saving feature 
  • Improved viewing experience for various screen sizes with fit visual to view layout
  • Reorganize content blocks or presentation pages in lightning speed through the right sidebar

Try Piktochart for free and get access to the more powerful editor and the new templates below.

New posters and infographics templates for education

Professors, teachers, and students rejoice!

We added new visuals and infographics for the classroom: teacher profile infographic, course schedule template, classroom newsletters and announcements, student birthday greeting posters, lab safety rules, curriculum lists, and eLearning infographics.

Here’s a preview of some of our new templates for teachers, students, and all the lifelong learners out there!

school newsletter template
elearning infographic template
science laboratory rules template
student birthday greeting template

New templates for HR and talent management teams

We added and updated new templates for employee handbooks, talent management reports, team achievement announcements, employee satisfaction surveys, and exit interview dashboards.

cover of employee handbook template
screenshot of talent management and recruitment template
screenshot of employee satisfaction survey result

Brochures, infographics, and flyer templates for real estate

Teams and businesses in real estate, we see you!

This month, we added more templates for real estate ads, property brochures, interior design packages, and infographics to educate your would-be clients. Start making brochures and more with these templates!

real estate infographic template
brochure infographic template

Creative briefs and email marketing templates

Marketing and creative teams would be delighted to hear that we added new templates for creative briefs and email marketing reports.

creative brief template for website design
email marketing dashboard template

Company profile template

As our way of thanking businesses and organizations of all sizes who have been supporting Piktochart all these years, we also added new, sleek templates the next time you’re about to present your business to investors and potential customers.

Check out our presentations and infographics library to see these templates.

company profile template

Assortment of templates for infographics and brochures

We also added and updated new templates for healthcare brochures and infographics on cryptocurrency, climate change, and mor

diabetes brochure template
climate change infographic template

Templates for June and July holidays

Wherever you are in the world, there’s always something to celebrate in June and July.

The Piktochart team wants to celebrate with you too so we added new templates for June holidays and celebrations: Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Environment Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day. It’s time to create posters with these templates!

independence day celebration template
queen's platinum jubilee template
father's day greeting template

Say hello to Ask Piktochart

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect template, graph, or icon in Piktochart but couldn’t find it, you can tell us more about it on the Ask Piktochart page.

screenshot of Ask Piktochart

Suggest a template or request for a specific graphic element. You can also upvote other people’s suggestions, ask questions, or discuss ideas.

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update!

You have an idea. We have a template to visualize it.

Pick a template and quickly turn your idea into a stunning report, presentation, infographic, social media graphic, or printable.

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