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March 2022 Release: 500+ Illustrations, Templates for Learning and Development, Earth Day, Surveys, and More

Whether we realize it or not, being creative and prolific at the same time are laudable traits that we all aspire to. 

For example, the idea of making visuals like infographics, Instagram posts, and presentations from scratch can be tempting. 

However, a quick reality check will lead us to the conclusion: most of us don’t have plenty of time to get them done. 

This realization is what drives us here at Piktochart to support and empower users like you. 

This month, we put our heads together to help you be more creative and productive at the same time, whether it’s at work, school, or even at home. 

Keep reading to learn what’s new in Piktochart and discover new ways to communicate better with visuals.

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Table of contents

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Get the exact look you want for your visuals with 552 new illustrations in 12 unique styles

preview of new illustrations

These new illustration scenarios are in the following categories: 

  • Healthcare: Medical, check-up, pregnancy, covid protection
  • Teamwork: Collaboration & design in digital platforms such as website, social media; virtual meetings and discussions (for study and work), networking
  • Lifestyle: Home entertainment, family time & activities (exercise, yoga, family meal, board game)
  • Digital currency & trading: Cryptocurrency, stocks, shares
  • Business-related scenarios: AI and machine learning; GPS, navigation, and shipping
  • Other illustration scenarios include painting, resting at home, or night market, and shopping
screenshot of Piktochart editor with new illustrations

Make your work pop, and start adding illustrations now by logging in to your Piktochart account.

Save time at work and make HR infographics, presentations, and reports in minutes

This month, we made 34 new templates! Majority of these templates are for our friends in human resources departments.

If you’re in HR and taking care of internal communications in your team, we know that you need all the support you can get! There are company newsletters to write, new employees to welcome, and reports to present by the end of the month.

You don’t have to do all of these from scratch. Here’s a preview of the new templates we made for your HR and internal communication needs.

employee onboarding infographic template
company newsletter infographic template
internal communications workflow infographic template

Track your learning and development goals with learning and development templates

See your progress more clearly with our new templates for learning and development, including employee learning plans and checklists.

Need to share a quick look at what your course would look like? We also added new curriculum design templates that you can use.

learning and development checklist template
learning and development infographic template
learning and development worksheet template
curriculum design infographic template

Share your message about protecting the planet with Earth Day poster templates 

In April, we’re celebrating Earth Day! Edit and customize the Earth Day poster template below to help you and your organization spread the word about taking steps to preserve the planet for future generations.

plant a tree campaign poster template
earth hour poster template
Save mother earth poster infographic template
earth day instagram post template

Be a health and wellness advocate with World Health Day templates

Inspire your circle, clients, or customers to take care of their health on World Health Day.

The following eye-catching healthcare and health awareness infographic templates are easy to customize — pick your brand colors, edit the texts, and you’re good to go! You can either download it for printing or quickly share the link for easy sharing online.

health infographic template about immune boosting food
healthy eating infographic template
ways to look after your mental health infographic template

Boost webinar attendance with customizable webinar promotion posters and ads

Webinars are going strong this year, and how you promote your webinar can make a big difference in the number of your webinar registrants.

Whether you’re a startup or in the enterprise space, the customizable templates below can surely help increase your webinar registrations and minimize no-shows.

webinar ad promotion template
webinar promotion template

Improve your survey response rate with sleek, engaging survey invitation templates

Shout out to teams and organizations conducting surveys in the coming months. We see you!

Our customizable survey invitation templates for social media and emails have your back.

survey invitation template for social media
CSAT survey invitation template
customer satisfaction results survey template

Communicate your support for peace and freedom with our new Ukraine text frames

As a team, we all agree on one thing — war has no place now or ever. We want to show our support to individuals and organizations who also feel the same way with our new text frames with a Ukraine theme.

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update!

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Kai Tomboc

Kyjean Tomboc is an experienced content marketer for healthcare, design, and SaaS brands. She also manages content (like a digital librarian of sorts). She lives for mountain trips, lap swimming, books, and cats.

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