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January 2023 Release: Uploads Folder, Brand Assets Improvement, and 109 New Templates

As we return to work after the holidays in 2022, we are determined to do things differently. To make a more significant impact each quarter for you – our users. 

What’s different, you might ask? Each quarter, we’re planning for a particular theme that we want to deliver for you. Think of it like a full-course meal, where everything complements one another to give you an amazing experience.

So for this quarter, we’re kicking things off with the theme of Branding. From now until March, we’ll be packaging a lot of features to give you better control of your brand within Piktochart. Starting from the ones below!

What’s new at Piktochart in January 2023

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New Feature: Uploads Folder

As an organization or even an individual using Piktochart, you’ll find yourself uploading images or icons that speak to your brand that you might not be able to find in our offerings. This has always been possible as we never want to limit your creativity and control.

However, what became apparent was that the more you upload, the harder it is to locate something you’ve uploaded sometime before. Perhaps it was a portrait of your colleague, your client’s logo, or even a picture of your dog.

Instead of scrolling through endlessly to find it, you probably resorted to reuploading another copy of the same image to use. Not very efficient now, is it? And we recognize this challenge since we face it ourselves when using Piktochart, too!

Introducing: Folders for your uploads.

the toolbar where users create a new folder and categorize their uploaded files in the piktochart editor
The toolbar where users create a new folder and categorize their uploaded files in the Piktochart editor

Now with this feature, you can move your uploads to the corresponding folder to help find things you need. No more endless scrolling or reuploading the same thing again!

We’ll be introducing more improvements over time as well to include a search bar for instance, but we believe that this new feature will help your productivity tremendously – while helping you to keep track of your own brand’s uploads easily. Give it a go today!

Improvement: Brand Assets Page

Keeping up with the theme of Branding, we’ve just started to reorganize and redesign the Brand Assets page.

While this round we have yet to add any new functionalities, we’ve made it easier to access and manage your colors and fonts.

brand assets page in the piktochart editor where users can upload and manage brand colors and fonts
Brand Assets page in the Piktochart editor where users can upload and manage brand colors and fonts

You’ll now find the Brand Assets page accessible directly from your dashboard on the left side. Once going to the Brand Assets, all your colors and fonts are displayed at the same time – making it easy to manage all in one place!

Create a Job-Winning Resume and Land Your Dream Job With These Professionally Designed Resume Templates

Stop struggling and start designing a winning resume that speaks about you. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist, creative, or professional resume, Piktochart’s resume templates are designed by professional designers to give you that boost in getting your dream job.

Pick your favorite template, follow the format, and customize your resume in minutes based on your profession – teacher, project manager, nurse, doctor, marketing, or banker, in Piktochart’s user-friendly editor. Once you’re happy with your design, you can download it as PDF and print it or PNG if you share it digitally.

creative resume
Creative Resume
cv example for students
CV Example for Students
fresher simple resume format
Fresher Simple Resume Format
professional resume format
Professional Resume Format
teacher resume format
Teacher Resume Format

Design an Accurate, Easy-To-Follow Fact Sheet for Your Company and Business

Streamline your business summary in an easy-to-digest, one-pager infographic of your company fact sheet. Include icons and diagrams to make it look attractive without compromising your data’s accuracy.

These professionally designed business fact sheet templates are 100% customizable to your company’s branding colors and fonts. Here are our top picks.

business fact sheet
Business Fact Sheet
company fact sheet
Company Fact Sheet
media kit fact sheet
Media Kit Fact Sheet

Get Started on an Eye-Catching Newsletter Design That Your Subscribers Will Love to Read

Whether you’re sharing the latest news with your clients, customers, subscribers, or colleagues, we have you covered. 

Piktochart offers various newsletter designs you can choose from, including product newsletters for e-commerce, email newsletters, and printable company and school bulletins. Get started with your favorite template and customize it according to your content. 

internal newsletter
Internal Newsletter
new year email newsletter
New Year Email Newsletter
wellness newsletter
Wellness Newsletter

Design a Clear, Easy-To-Follow Marketing Plan That Brings Your Team Together With These Customizable Diagram Templates

Are you planning a drip campaign or an email campaign? Team communication is one of the crucial parts of a successful campaign that is often overlooked. Present a clear direction of your marketing plan or marketing strategy and align your team with an easy-to-follow flowchart. 

Outline each step and explain the actionable items with a clear goal for each stage using these flowchart diagram templates. Get started with your favorite template, replace it with your content, and customize the colors, fonts, and icons according to your liking—no design experience is required with Piktochart’s user-friendly editor.

digital marketing flowchart
Digital Marketing Flowchart
drip campaign flowchart
Drip Campaign Flowchart
email marketing process flowchart
Email Marketing Process Flowchart
marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy

Attract the Best Candidates and Keep Your Employee Relations in Check With These Stunning Hiring and Work Anniversary Templates

Do you know that telling your brand story well can enhance the value of its products or services by more than 20 times? 

That applies to your recruitment process too. So why not use visuals to improve your brand stories and get you better candidates?

And we have the answer to your next question, “how to create a hiring poster that reflects your brand story?”. We’ve prepared poster templates for recruiting and work anniversaries that you can customize according to your company branding. 

These poster templates are also print-friendly –they’re all set in ready-to-print A4 size. Once you’re happy with the design, download your hiring poster in PDF and print it. 

But if you’re conscious of the environment, even better, you can download your visual in PNG and celebrate the work anniversary without the guilt.

creative job hiring poster
Creative Job Hiring Poster
job advertisement poster
Job Advertisement Poster
we’re hiring poster
We’re Hiring Poster
happy work anniversary funny linkedin post
Happy Work Anniversary Funny Linkedin Post
happy work anniversary wishes instagram post
Happy Work Anniversary Wishes Instagram Post

Share Your Message and Celebrate Powerful Women on International Women’s Day With These Beautifully Designed Templates

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day this March 8 with more template designs for you. Use these templates to amplify your message and show your support for all strong women.

happy international women’s day card
Happy International Women’s Day Card
international women’s day greetings
International Women’s Day Greetings
international women’s day sale
International Women’s Day Sale
women’s day sale facebook post
Women’s Day Sale Facebook Post
women’s day sale
Women’s Day Sale

Keep an eye out for next month’s updates as we will continue to sprinkle more features into this space!

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