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New: Posters, Planners, and Infographics for HR, Education, and More

Have you ever wondered how time flies so fast?

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As we say hello to a new month, here’s what we’ve been working on behind the scenes in January to help improve your visual storytelling chops, whether it’s for school or your business.

First off, we added more templates for posters, presentations, and infographics for HR, internal communications, and education.

Of course, we also updated our visuals for the New Year in January (including Chinese New Year!), Valentines’ Day in February, and International Women’s Day in March. Plus, we made planner templates for people who want to get more organized in the coming year.

Keep scrolling for a preview of our hot-off-the-press templates or skip to a section by clicking a link below.

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New infographic templates and posters for teachers and students

Whether it’s a face-to-face lecture or a virtual learning session, create and collaborate in class with the following customizable visuals you can use in the classroom:

1. Meet the teacher infographic template

Introduce yourself in style with this brand new meet the teacher infographic template.

teacher introduction infographic

2. About me infographic template for students

All About Me is a popular and fun first day of school activity. It doesn’t only help everyone in class get to know each other, but it also helps build self-esteem and oral communication skills among students. Get started with your All About Me activity using the template below.

all about me template infographic

3. Classroom rules poster template

Classroom rules don’t have to be uncool and boring. Create and design your classroom poster in minutes with the customizable template below. Edit the colors, change up the fonts and texts, and add your unique style.

Bonus benefit: Piktochart’s poster templates are also easy to resize for printing. Check out our quick guide to resizing visuals.

classroom rules poster

4. School schedule infographic template

Encourage students to stay on top of their schoolwork and assignments with this school schedule template. You can also use the template as your visual lesson plan if you’re a teacher.

lesson plan infographic

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5. EdTech infographic template

Customize the EdTech infographic template below if you want to share a list of software tools in class. You can also share it via email or print it as a classroom handout.

EdTech infographic template

Make learning more interesting and fun with visuals.

Piktochart is the easiest way for students and teachers to create engaging posters, infographics, reports, and presentations in the classroom. All using one collaborative platform.

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classroom infographic illustration

New infographic templates for human resources and internal communications

From recruitment to employee engagement, infographics and visuals are wonderful tools to help improve communication and presentation skills among HR teams.

1. Employee benefits infographic template

While HR teams aren’t directly responsible for recruitment and talent acquisition, HR staff in some organizations may be asked to help with hiring efforts. The employee benefit infographic template below will come in handy if you get a lot of questions about your company’s perks.

employee benefits infographic template

2. Employee engagement survey results presentation template

A well-thought-out employee engagement survey can reveal helpful information and insights on how HR teams can improve workplace culture and employee well-being.

Share and present your employee engagement survey results with stakeholders and the rest of the organization using the presentation template below. This presentation template contains 12 slides that you can edit, customize, and rearrange. You can also add (or delete!) slides, it all depends on what you want to share.

employee engagement survey results template cover table of contents

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3. Internal communications template

Are you using visuals and infographics for internal communications at work?  

If you haven’t yet and you’re still using plain text, here are a couple of statistics about the impact of visuals on employee productivity and engagement

  • Companies are more likely to recover $1,200 or more in productivity per employee per year when using visuals for workplace communication.
  • Two-thirds of employees surveyed were better at completing tasks that are communicated by visuals or video rather than tasks shared via plain text.
internal communications infographic template

Printable planner templates

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately?

A daily or weekly planner might be the missing link in your life!

A planner helps you take control of your projects, tasks, appointments, hobbies, and even bills to pay. When it comes to planners, consistency is key.

Pick a planner template from the Piktochart template gallery, customize it to your liking, and feel the benefits of improved productivity and a sense of well-being.

1. Daily planner template

daily planner template

2. Abstract weekly planner template

3. Colorful weekly planner template

New Year’s celebration visuals

Look forward to new beginnings with these printable and customizable infographics, flyers, and social media graphics celebrating the new year.

1. New Year’s resolutions infographic template

New years resolution infographics

2. Chinese New Year invitation template

Valentine’s Day posters and visuals

On Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that counts! Whether you want to express your appreciation for your partner or invite your friends into a Galentine’s gig or Palentine’s party, these Valentine’s Day visuals are guaranteed to help you spread the love.

1. Valentine’s Day invitation poster template

Valentine's Day invitation template

2. Valentine’s day event invitation for social media

valentine's day event invitation for Instagram

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International Women’s Day posters and templates

On the 8th of March each year, the entire world celebrates International Women’s Day.

Honor the women in your life and join this worldwide event with the following poster and social media templates for International Women’s Day.

1. International Women’s Day poster for Facebook

The template below can also be resized for Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms using Piktochart.

International Women's Day poster for Facebook

2. International Women’s Day poster for LinkedIn

International Women's Day poster for LinkedIn

3. Women in History infographic template

International Women's Day infographic

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update!

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