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YouTube Live With Product, 250 New Illustrations, 24 Fresh Templates | February 2022 Release

Rumor has it that February is the shortest month of the Roman calendar because Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor, stole a day from the second month of the year.

What for?

He wanted to have an extra day added to August, the month named after him. 😱

a meme about Augustus caesar making february a short month

February might be shorter, but it’s not short of new releases at Piktochart.

First off, we have prepared 250 brand new illustrations for you.

There are also 24 new templates dedicated to finance, SDG (Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations), St. Patrick’s Day, and World Storytelling Day that you can edit and customize right away.

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Try Piktochart for free and get access to the templates below as you follow along.

Live Product Update

Before taking a closer look at the illustrations and templates, we invite you to join our live product update on YouTube.

Get a sneak peek into the new Piktochart editor, learn more about Piktochart Video, or explore the newest design assets on March 10, at 5 pm ET (GMT-5). You’re invited!

This live session will be hosted by Elvin, the product manager at Piktochart. He has invited other Piktochart folks to give you a demo of the new Piktochart editor, Piktochart Video, integration with Iconscout, and more. We’re excited to meet users like you, answer questions, and get feedback too.

New Illustrations

If you read our blog post about graphic design trends in 2022, you know that scenario illustrations are the go-to solution for sharing brand stories in visual communication formats.

Scenario illustrations showcase 2D hand-drawn characters performing a particular action. They are a perfect choice if you want to effectively visualize the topic and draw attention to your infographic, presentation, or poster.

This month, we have added 250 brand-new illustrations to the Piktochart editor.

new scenario illustrations on Piktochart
New scenario illustrations on Piktochart

Need to visualize an HR presentation, a financial report, a healthcare poster, or an education infographic?

With Piktochart, you can now find the perfect illustration to visualize the idea or topic that you’re working on!

illustration library in Piktochart
illustration library in Piktochart

To explore the new illustrations, log in to your Piktochart account, create a new visual or edit an existing one, and click on illustrations under the graphics menu on the left.

Finance report templates

According to an insightful McKinsey piece on what the finance industry will look like in 2030, making better decisions through data visualization is one of the key focus areas of finance organizations.

However, dealing with too much financial data, generating actionable insight, and presenting it to stakeholders can be overwhelming. The good news is that data visualization tools like the finance reporting templates below can help organizations with the following:

  • Share stories and information needed to propel business growth
  • Validate the effectiveness of a company’s strategy
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization

1. Financial performance report template

financial performance report template

2. Corporate financial report template

corporate financial report template
table of contents preview of corporate financial review template

3. Internal audit report template

internal audit report template cover page
internal audit report template table of contents

4. Internal audit process infographic

an infographic template for internal audit processes

5. Financial dashboard report template

financial dashboard report template
financial dashboard report template - fundamental analysis

6. Investor update presentation template

investor update presentation template cover page

7. Finance progress report

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SDG reporting template

What exactly is SDG reporting? 

In 2015, member states of the United Nations (UN) adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

SDG reporting includes data, statistics, and insights on the 17 SDG goals. These reports are created by UN custodian agencies, businesses, government policymakers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and research institutions. 

The SDG reporting template below also comes with a complementary infographic, similar to what the United Nations did in their 2021 SDG report. You will also find icons for all 17 SDG indicators alongside UN’s logo when you edit the template in Piktochart.

Try Piktochart for free to get access to these SDG icons

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Templates for World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day happens every 20th of March each year. With origins in Sweden, this worldwide celebration aims to celebrate oral storytelling as an art form and connect storytellers around the globe.

1. World Storytelling Day event poster template

World Storytelling Day event poster template

2. Storytelling in business infographic template

storytelling in business infographic

3. Business storytelling tips infographic template

business storytelling tips infographic template

St. Patrick’s Day posters and prints

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Countries with people of Irish ancestry celebrate this holiday every 17th of March.

If you’re hosting or running St. Patrick’s Day events, the following St. Patrick’s poster templates for social media or print will come in handy.

1. St. Patrick’s Day celebration flyer template

2. St. Patrick’s Day festival poster template

St. Patrick's Day festival poster template

3. St. Patrick’s Day Facebook post template

St. Patrick's Day Facebook post template

4. St. Patrick’s Day Instagram post template

St. Patrick's Day Instagram post template

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update!

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