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New Theme: Life Biography and Chinese New Year Plan Infographic

This week, we’re introducing two new infographic templates: one about life biography, and another about Chinese New Year, which is right around the corner! Make your information beautiful and engaging with these new templates!

Life Biography

We recently introduced a life tribute poster template. In extension to that, we’re introducing an infographic template for a life tribute. This particular template is to commemorate Alan Rickman, who is an inspiring English actor and director, best known for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter chronicles. Visualize the life of a significant person in the form of an infographic with this PRO infographic template.


Chinese New Year Plan

With this highly anticipated celebration coming up, our designers have created an infographic template to help you plan how you will be celebrating this season. This flowchart guide can also help you to visualize your plans for special occasions such as road trips and holidays. Easily customize this Free infographic for your Chinese New Year plans!


If you like what you see, consider checking out this poster template if you fancy creating a beautiful poster for this season!

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