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Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization

This course is taught by Alberto Cairo, an internationally renowned expert and currently teaches at the University of Miami’s School of Communication. The MOOC  focuses on how to work with graphics to communicate and analyze data. Previous experience in information graphics and visualization is not needed to take this course. With the readings, video lectures and tutorials available, participants will acquire enough skills to start producing compelling, simple infographics almost immediately.

(Note that this course is available only on certain dates: Knight Center offers the course few times per year.)

TED Studies

Statistics – Visualizing Data

Teachers and students can use TED: Visualizing Data to enhance existing curricula in undergraduate education courses. Educators and students will find activities and multimedia resources which link the study of visualizing data to the real world, plus expanded academic content such as key terms, related journal articles and classic experiments.


Infographics For Content Promotion

An introductory course on how to create viral infographics to promote your blog, book or product by  Deborah Drum and Amy Harrop. It focuses on research and brainstorming, and strategies for infographic sharing and promotion.

Infographic How To: Data, Design, Distribute

The course is structured in three sections: Data, Design, Distribute. Each section contains videos, screen captures, interviews and even sample documents available to download to use for your infographic creation. Take this course to build a foundation for creating great infographics.

Infographics: Planning and Wireframing

Join Shane Snow as he reviews the first steps in creating infographics, graphic representations of data—organizing sample data and preparing a wireframe. The course takes a tour of several data visualization examples and explains how to select appropriate data and how to find a story.


Edward Tufte on Presenting data and information (US)

The Guardian Masterclasses on Data visualization (London, UK)

VisualisingData on Introduction to Data Visualization (Europe and US)

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