Lean Startup Principles in Action [Part 2]

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Quote from Jason Cohen at

“Since everyone and their dog is now an expert in Lean Startup, you need to demonstrate, not regurgitate platitudes. Tell me about how and why your pitch changed when you vetted your idea with potential customers. Walk me through a screenshot of your app, revealing the customer feedback that lead to each part……”

Gut Feeling

For price points, we went with the gut. We asked around to see how much would people be willing to spend on a presentation tool that is mighty cool and creates an outstanding presentation in the shortest amount of time. Their reply ranged from 0 to USD5 to USD10 per month. We got some eager designers who were happy to pay USD50 for the software as long as they could “get their hands on it now”.

We also did a market survey of the current applications and tools out there. Sliderocket for example, charges USD24/month to use their “presentations made easy” tool. While it is fantastic, it inspired us to keep laser focused on ONE tool. They have now expanded to include features such as video-conferencing, analytics, present dynamically etc, forcing them to increase their price per month after getting acquired.

Good things that keep us going, while staying lean

Here are some things which keeps us going… Even after being bashed and long weeks turning into months… (note that details of clients are kept anonymous and may have been summarized):

An employee in a major transportation company which used Piktochart to create presentations
“I’ve used the free version available in your web, but the functions are so limited. However my boss likes it. So how can we proceed? And also what about the payment as it will come from my pocket…”

I am trying to pay for your $10 service option but am having a hard time.”

Marketing Manager
This is a great service!!  How much will it cost in the future?  And are there more themes coming?  I’m afraid I’m not clever enough to design my own, but you sure make it easy!

Many times, we’ve changed the pitch

Our pitch started with:
Note that the words in Italic are mostly from friends, supporters, or actual users of the platform.

Piktochart turns boring data into stories.
Stories by itself do not impress me. You could add an adjective in front of stories.

Piktochart turns boring data into interesting simple wonderful amazing memorable stories
Boring data? That’s an oxymoron talking.

Piktochart turns boring data into memorable stories.
Like an auto-shortening tool

Stories from Data.
What if I do not have any data? It’s just information… or more specifically, my brain shuts down when I hear the word “Data”.

Love your brain. Feed your brain with useful presentations.

Anyway, we are still stuck at “Stories from Data” for now… do you have a better idea? =)