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Introducing Piktosquad – The Community for All Things Piktochart

We are so pleased to announce the start of something incredible at Piktochart… drumroll please… introducing… Piktosquad 🎉 a community of folks who want to see more people share their message through Piktochart.

Piktosquad banner

Why build a community?

At Piktochart, we provide a tool that makes your work easier and sometimes, there’s just one small feature, tip, template, or skill that can cut your design time in half (if not more!).

Knowledge and learning are a core part of what we do at Piktochart. It’s no secret that learning is more effective when it’s done with a group of people. 

Some of our most popular and sought-after campaigns are the ones that help users grow their knowledge and skills with our tool. 

We were curious, so we asked our customers why they were interested in joining the community (pretty meta). Their answers reinforced our assumption that they want to learn and be inspired.

image of a bar graph showing the distribution of responses of Piktosquad members when asked why they prefer to join the Piktochart community

What’s in it for you?

When you join our squad as an Ally, you’ll get to connect with members all over the world from various industries using Piktochart to share their stories.

In the community, you’ll find thread forums to share designs and learn new tricks with other Allies, as well as access to free tutorials with Squad Experts and Piktochart’s seasoned communication designers. 

Here’s what community members told us they want to get out of the community when they join.

image of a bar graph showing what community members expect to gain from joining Piktosquad

Who is a good fit for the community?

Piktosquad isn’t for everyone. If you only pop in periodically to use the tool and you’re not super interested in developing your design abilities, then it’s probably not a great fit for you. 

But if you’re looking to level up your skills or going through a creative dry spell, this is a great place to learn and see what others are creating to activate your muse. 

Whether you’re looking for design ideas or wondering how to implement Piktochart across your team, our community holds space for your Piktochart journey. 

You don’t need a specific level of expertise to join. In fact, here’s the current breakdown of our community members:

image of a bar graph showing breakdown of community members of Piktosquad

We also love featuring Squad Experts who use Piktochart frequently and do visual storytelling for their part-time or full-time work. 

If this is you, the first step is to join the community and share a couple of designs so we can see some of your work!

Piktosquad is also a great fit for you if you use Piktochart regularly and want to share about it with others. Members can also opt-in to get an affiliate link when they join and turn their referrals into cash. 

Meet other visual storytellers like you, improve your design skills, and earn by referring friends to Piktochart.

If you want to grow your visual storytelling skills, connect with other storytellers, and gain a whole lot more in the process, I want to invite you to join the Piktochart community personally.

We are all made better when people like you share their skills, designs, and gifts. See you in the community!


Bri Leever

Bri Leever is an architect of community, splasher of water, and lover of good books. Her life’s work is to facilitate transformation through community and beauty. For more of her writings on community, visit Ember.

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