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Introducing Flyers, the Versatile New Addition to Printables

You asked and we delivered! We’ve recently received hundreds of user requests through our customer support platform asking for a way to create flyers. While our users are happily designing posters, they wanted something a tad more flexible.

Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear and have developed a new flyer format, freshly launched today!

You’ll be able to find the new templates under our ‘Printables’ section and they’ll be available to both Free and PRO users.

Our brand new flyer templates are considerably more spacious than posters, allowing for a larger body of text so you can describe your business, event, or project to your heart’s content. They can also be one or two pages and are created for A4 paper format.

The Sky’s The Limit!

As flyers are extremely flexible, here are a handful of things that you could do with them. You can use them to:

  • Promote your online and brick and mortar business
  • Bring attention to a promotional campaign
  • Make an online announcement about your big day
  • Create buzz around your upcoming event

See the below GIF for a quick preview on some of our flyer templates!

So…How Are They Different From Posters?

Posters and flyers hail from the same ‘Printables’ family, but they couldn’t be more different!

Your average poster has an image and short description, but flyers are far more flexible. They can accommodate one or two page designs, and are equipped to handle a lot more text.

See Mei, our Head of Design, weighs in:

“While posters are always printed in larger sizes with attractive visuals, catchy quotes and bite-sized information, flyers will have the option for users to add more information on product descriptions, event announcements, and fact sheets. These can be handed out during events and trade shows.”

See below for a side by side comparison between posters (left) and flyers (right).

Flyers FAQs

Q: How do I design the front and back of my flyer?
A: In the editor, you’ll notice that the template is split up into “blocks.” The first block will be the “front” of your flyer, while the second block will be the “back.”

Q: Are images in the templates locked or can I add my own?
A: Images in the templates are just placeholders to inspire you! You can replace them with a simple drag and drop.

Q: My flyer plans are ambitious, can I create folding flyers?
A: Folding flyers are not available yet, but we’ve already put in a request with our dev team for horizontal mode. Stay tuned!

The all-new flyer format is beautiful and versatile, we can’t wait to see what you’ll make! Our design team is busy working on bringing fonts, social media formats, and landscape flyers to you before the year is out.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch with us.

Happy flyer-making!

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