Intro to the Series: How to Adapt, Repurpose and Modify Piktochart Templates

Starting something from scratch is hard and challenging. A blank page or a blank canvas, with no clear instructions on where to start, can be a frightening panoramic. There are too many choices.

Where to start? Which colors should I use? Is this typeface the right one? Should I use icons or photos? Chances are these questions, or other similar ones, crossed your mind the first time you opened an infographic.

Such a plethora of options can lead to what scientists call analysis paralysis – “the state of over-analyzing (or overthinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome”.

That’s the reason why one of the top recommendations we make our users, specially if they are starting in the infographic or design world, is to avoid a blank canvas and start by picking one of our pre-designed templates.

Piktochart has hundreds of beautiful designs ready to be transformed into your own, unique and beautiful infographic and we want you to leverage that golden pot.

For that reason, the October Series is all about adapting, repurposing and modifying our existing Piktochart templates to suit your own needs.

Let’s see!

Quick note: This is an ongoing series that began October 7th. Links will be added as soon as we publish each individual post.

1 – How to Easily Adjust a Template to Your Needs

The first post in the series will lay the foundation for the next 6. We’ll show you, step by step, how to transform a Piktochart template into a custom infographic by doing it ourselves. Live, and  on video!

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2 – How to Create Engaging Email Newsletters Using Infographics

Apart from being perfect for infographics, Piktochart is a superb tool for all kinds of designs. After reading Neil’s post on increasing click-through-rates with a Piktochart newsletters, we decided it was time to teach you how to design one yourself.

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3 – How to Master Infographics by Reusing Only One Template

In this post we will teach you how to becoming an infographic pro by selecting one Piktochart template, and repurpose it over and over again. As an example, we use 2015 Resolutions, one of our most flexible and versatile templates, and the personal favorite of Marta, our Head of Marketing!

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4 – How to Transform an Infographic Template Into Social Media Images

As the attention span of internet users decreases, the importance of high quality microcontent rises exponentially. In this post we’ll show you how to turn any Piktochart template into beautiful and smaller images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social network.

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5 – Pikto Hacks That Will Cut Your Design Time in Half

Every tool or service has its hidden secrets, or hacks – the ones only experts and insiders know about. In this post we’ll show you a few little-known tips and tricks to master Piktochart.

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6 – How to Design Beautiful Blogpost Headers in 60 Seconds

A great piece of content isn’t complete without beautiful visuals to accompany it. They illustrate important points to the reader from the beginning, and encourage them to share your post, pushing it to the top of the news feed. In this post, we’ll learn how to use Piktochart to crate beautiful headers for your blog posts in less than a minute!

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