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Previously we wrote a short blog post about the importance of the infographics and how they can be used internally to introduce some variety in the corporate communication, such as annual reports, presentations and corporate communications), as well as posted two real user testimonials how they use infographics in their professional life. We decided to continue writing on this topic in this week’s roundup blog post. Leave us feedback as a comment below!

Infographic Power for Small Biz

What is all the hype about infographics about? Can they bring some positive results even for small businesses? Jesse Aaron says “Yes!” and backs up his claim with the few selected metrics that can be boosted up by infographics: a number of visitors, views, shares, as well as the decreased bounce rate, which means the visitors get hooked and continue exploring your site!

Infographic Power for Small Biz

If utilized properly, infographics can be a very powerful option for small businesses to expand their reach, drive more traffic and inbound links, receive hundreds of social shares, engage readers, and even increase ROI.

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How to Leverage Infographics for B2B Marketing

Tom Demers argues that infographics can be used for B2B marketing too.

Regardless of how “boring” you think your B2B product or service may be, you can certainly come up with an idea for a compelling graphic. If you focus on coming up with a topic that bloggers are likely to want to write about and sharers are likely to share, you’ll even have a strong chance of creating a successful graphic.

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5 Ways to Build a Link-Worthy Infographic

‘So infographics can help your business, ok, got that. So what’s now?’ To help you to find the idea for your next superstar infographic, Killer Infographics shares 5 examples on how to make it worth sharing.

Lighten Up

If 52% of all web page visits last less than 10 seconds, how do you make them stay?

You start by not giving them a reading assignment. Web users read only about 20% of the text on a given web page. That means your message is getting buried in a wall of gray text, with compelling stats hidden from potential customers.

Infographics provide a solution to this problem, but lots of people still want to pack too much text into what is essentially a visual medium. The visuals will grab your audience’s interest, and the stats will grab their curiosity. So pick the most compelling stats of all and cut the filler.

There are 4 more tips – check them out!

19 Warning Signs Your Infographic Stinks

You might have a good infographic idea but make sure that you have checked this checklist of 19 most common mistakes and their fix tips, sorted out to 3 categories: infographic idea, design and copy. Created by Kissmetrics.

Adapt your design to your target market.

It sounds so good.

You create an infographic. It drives traffic. Builds links. Raises brand awareness.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that.

Many infographics are languishing in the dark corners of the web. Ignored. Lonely.

What can you do to avoid that fate? How can you ensure your infographic generates shares, links, and traffic?

Go though the checklist:

What results infographics can bring?

NeoMam Studios posted results from their most popular infographics here. Below, we posted the stats of their ‘Gangnam Style’ infographic – it received great publicity and got lots of shares. Can yours do so well?

Gangnam Style – Viral Sensation

The Approach:
Sensing that Gangnam Style would be a huge sensation, we designed this infographic just before it hit the 100 million views landmark and released it when it did.

The Result:
With our perfect timing, this infographic was picked up on multiple high value websites, demonstrating that tapping into internet trends can mean social engagement and media mentions across different niches.

Media placement on:

  • People Magazine


  • 237 referring domains
  • 2,157 backlinks


  • 2,259 Facebook shares
  • 2,959 Tweets