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Slideshare introduces Infographics player

Natalija Snapkauskaite

Growth Marketer


In the end of July, Slideshare announced the launch of a new player specially made for infographics, besides its traditional supported formats of documents, presentations and videos. It allows a better viewer experience and the perks of Slideshare: sharing, seamless embedding and some data to measure an infographic’s performance, like views, downloads and embeds (PRO users have an access to more detailed Analytics dashboards). The upload process is also optimized as it automatically detects an infographic upon upload, tags and places it in Slideshare infographic directory.

Visual content is a hot trend now, and readers love infographics as an alternative to usual text posts (and yes, some people dislike them, though sometimes they cite misplaced reasons). Slideshare’s decision to introduce a special player for infographics shows that they are perceived as a valuable visual content type with strong future potential. Additionally, the move gives some credibility to infographics themselves.

Exemplary infographic in the Slideshare player:


How our users can benefit from it?

Slideshare can extend the reach of Piktochart and help you to distribute their infographics more effectively, for example, in the professional social network LinkedIN (which owns Slideshare).

The new player can also improve embedding and viewing experience. Since infographics tend to be quite long, they often have to be cropped for display in social media and even blogs (if a blogger doesn’t want the infographic to take up all the space). The player eliminates this issue; moreover, its Fullscreen mode can also be a welcomed feature, especially if an infographic is detailed and includes small text. However, we found a one drawback – note that the Slideshare player will not include clickable links and or other interactive features of an infographic.

In order to upload an infographic to Slideshare, it should be saved as a one-page PDF document. For the time being, Piktochart infographics cannot be exported into the PDF format (yet), thus you should convert the JPEG image to PDF with Acrobat Reader or numerous other converters, both software and online.

Hope it helps & happy Piktocharting!