Justin Wiesenfeld

Customer Success Guru | Piktochart

Finally! You’ve wracked the creative part of your brain and finished your infographic. Congrats!

However, you may be thinking – now what?

Don’t worry – Piktochart and ThingLink have just the answer for you.

If you’re thinking that making a plain ol’ infographic and tucking it away in your saved folder will do the trick for getting your message out to the world, you may want to rethink your strategy!

In this webinar, we will be talking about what should come next for your infographic project.

We will be tackling questions like:

  • Why should I share my content?
  • What will make my content more effective if I do share?
  • Who should I send my infographic to and how?
  • What else should I do with my infographic?

Why should I attend?

During this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of sharing an infographic
  • How to share an infographic with your audience
  • The benefits of having interactive content

No matter if you’re a beginner blogger or a communications connoisseur, you should be thinking bigger than what’s on the page in front of you, and we will be educating you on the tools to do so.

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As a registrant, you will receive a copy of the webinar and a special surprise for attending!

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The webinar will be on December 15th, 11:00am (CST)! Spots are limited to only the first 500 registrants, so don’t hesitate!

About ThingLink

Founded in 2010, ThingLink is the leading platform for annotating images and video with rich media links. Brands, publishers, and educators use ThingLink for creating interactive PR images, web sites, infographics, catalogues, video channels, and tracking consumer engagement as the content spreads across the web. ThingLink powers interactive content for over two million content creators around the world reaching 45 million uniques per month. ThingLink’s offices are located in Helsinki, New York, and Palo Alto.