Infographic Maker – 15,000 Users, 10,000 Infographics, 200 Pro Users in 8 Weeks

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The Beginning

When we started Piktochart – the infographic maker in October 2011, we were naive and we did not know much about starting a SAAS web app. We were in Chinaccelerator (TechStars affliate in China) back then, refining our idea and conducting a lot of surveys to make sure that we have a market. (Looking back, we already knew it was a huge market but somehow could have done even more work in the “Business Model” planning – searching for a right monetization strategy).

Through listening to enough Eric Ries’ videos, reading’s tips, subscribing to Steve Blank’s RSS, scraunching for hot AppSumo deals, we somehow managed to bootstrap our way through. We now have 1 full time designer, 2 full time developers & me in business development. When we launched Pro version of Piktochart in end of March 2012, we started out with 7,000 free accounts created on Piktochart and maybe 10 Pro conversions in 2 weeks.

Final Numbers

The trend slowly picked up and 8 weeks later, we are 15,000 accounts, 10,000 infographics created and saved on Piktochart (excludes number of times Piktocharts have been exported), and 200 Pro users strong. We could have almost broken even within these 8 weeks if we considered the most minimal wages for all 4 of us.

Still, we would like to thank all of our users for the superb support, the pom-poms to keep us going and the thank-you emails, wonderful reviews that you spread about us online.

A Free GiveAway to Celebrate a Milestone

For our celebration, we would like to give out 1 free wall-sized infographic canvas poster worth USD150 to any user who becomes our 20,000th Piktochartee. Spread the word, and we promise we’ll reveal who’s the 20,000th Piktochartee 🙂

infographic poster print

** The image above is a random infographic poster we took from while waiting for the first Piktochart-printed-canvas to arrive in the office**

Thank you all!

Team at Piktochart