Infographic Hack #3: Fun Ways to Go Micro with Infographics on Social Media

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Here are 4 ideas to make your social media content more shareable

In this post, I’m discovering some of the creative “short form” infographics that our users (and people in office) are beginning to use Piktochart for.

Make your photos informative.

To create Facebook photo covers, many of us would pick an image from the Web and add one or two text banners. Instead, what we have been seeing is an intentional use of making these social media graphics more “informative” beyond just images. Take a look at this Facebook cover photo on the Samsung Ace 3 – it shows off the product features of this particular gadget in a wonderful snapshot!

Image + Data = Win!

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Don’t give away too much.

When you are teasing, you do not want to give away too much information. Similarly in the social media context, it gives just a little bit of information and can be used in event promotional campaigns or a “coming soon” campaign. When using social media, a major #fail is to have a very text-filled image.

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Add smart humor to your images.

Everybody loves a good laugh. We can all relate to funny videos, Vine looping videos or 9Gag. But if you wanted to create some engaging material for your audience on social media, your brand manager may not necessarily permit a video about 2 talking babies. It’s possible however to ride on upcoming trends and turn it into something smart and humorous without being offensive. Take a look at this one which can be timed perfectly for the launch of the latest Avengers’ movie 🙂

Be remarkably different.

In this example, you can think of recruitment posters typically having a woman/man holding a file smiling at the camera dressed in a professional suit. Contrast that with Piktochart’s hiring below. Seth Godin frequently quotes that in order to spread the word, your product/messaging has to be remarkable and different. Seth has said that you could choose to be”the biggest, fastest, slowest, richest, easiest, or most difficult” as long as you are constantly standing on the edges. If we apply this to the way we look at promoting our products and services, go bold and be remarkably creative at how you have thinking about your promotional campaigns.
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Takeaway from the brands around us

One example that comes to mind is Oreo. Oreo has experimented with various angles to make the brand name more engaging with their audience. These images reinforce their brand in a fun way so that people would love to share.


To recap, here are a few tips that we have about making your social media content more shareable:

  1. Be informative
  2. Don’t fill it with text
  3. Create funny yet clever moments
  4. Be remarkable (and different)

Do you have any methods that you have experimented with in order to increase sharing? We look forward to hear from you!

P/S: Did you know that Pikto Gallery has banner infographics templates that can you get started quickly? You can also tweak the size of the canvas. Learn more in this article: How to change the size of your blocks on Piktochart.