Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

With the arrival of November and the year coming to an end, it’s time to reflect and celebrate all that life has to offer. Here at Piktochart, we’re all for celebrating life and this month of Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to be grateful for all our achievements this year. On top of that, November calls for No Shave November, or Movember! Movember aims to raise awareness of early cancer detection and effective treatment.

This week, we’re spreading positive vibes with our new infographic and poster templates about Thanksgiving and Movember!

Fun Facts about Thanksgiving

Our new PRO infographic template uncovers fun facts about the season of Thanksgiving with interesting statistics and data. This customizable infographic template can be used to present fun facts visually for a topic of your choice. The use of light colors and icons makes it easy for the eye to grasp the information. Time to get creative and awe your audience!



It’s that time of the year for true gentlemen to embrace a month without shaving for a good cause (also an excuse to look messy hipster!). We’re proud to introduce two poster templates designed specially to celebrate Movember!

These easy-to-use templates can be used to raise awareness for a cause or charity you’re supporting, and inspire your audience with an empowering quote. You can place these posters in your school, office, and public spaces to spread the good word. Whether it’s for #NoShaveNovember or any other good cause, this simple yet attractive looking poster will certainly draw attention!  

It’s for a good cause and we don’t want you to miss out on a chance for charity, so this poster will be available for Free for the whole month of November.



Here’s a cool and simple hack that can help you design a beautiful and engaging poster:

  1. Place a dark color shape beneath your text and above your background image.
  2. Adjust the opacity to create a blend between the background image and the text.
  3. Voila; your text will now stand out better in the poster!

How To Create Blend Between Text and Background

Now that you’re all well-equipped, go ahead and start creating designs to celebrate this season!

Image via Unsplash