Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

The scent of gingerbread and Christmas cookies is in the air! For this holiday season, our designers are adding more visuals into our library to help you create beautiful designs. We’re proud to present 80 brand new Christmas-themed text frames, which are suitable for various occasions and come in a variety of colors!

You can easily customize these logos and badges to creatively express your Christmas greetings. Give them a try!


This week, we’re also introducing templates in multiple formats. First of all, we have a new W.H.O report about meat and cancer that is available in infographic, presentation, and poster formats. On top of that, we have another new Christmas poster template to light up your week. Check out the new templates below!

Meat and Cancer

Our latest templates were inspired by a World Health Organization report about meat and cancer. Uncover what you need to know about this topic, and use the template to turn your ordinary report into a beautiful and visually engaging one to help your audience understand it better.

Try out this template with the different formats:

Piktochart_Meat & Cancer

Let’s Celebrate Christmas

The Christmas season is right around the corner! Are you also hearing jingle bells ringing in the back of your head? In preparation for the festive season, we’re hoping that this latest poster template can help you create a beautiful invitation poster for your Christmas or holiday events. Whether it’s for your office, restaurant, or home party, this Free customizable template will fit them all!

Piktochart_Let’s Celebrate Christmas