How to Make Your Organizational Announcements Beautiful and Effective

Organizational (org) announcements, a way to communicate the latest updates to all employees, are in serious need of a face lift. In its current state, org announcements are time consuming to read and create, and they’re ineffective – the message just isn’t distilling down to teams properly.

Do a quick google search of “organizational announcement examples” and you’ll be inundated by a sea of text and letterheads. Not beautiful and engaging in the least.

One way to fix the problem? Use visual storytelling and think outside the box when it comes to using new formats.

Our own Marta Olszewska, Piktochart’s head of marketing, remembers the day when she used a visual to turn org announcements on its head. Coincidentally, it was also the first infographic that she had ever made with Piktochart!

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organizational announcements, marta olszewska

“Before Piktochart, I worked for a very traditional global organization and sometimes HR would ask me, as an online MarCom specialist, to ‘spice up’ their org announcements. They would actually ask me to send it out as it was, but the PDF they sent over was long and indigestible,” she remembered.

“So I decided to create an infographic. I took their PDF, tried to decipher what it meant and chose the most important points. I then created the infographic and attached it as a PDF to the email that I sent out to the company.”

Click the below image to see the full infographic.
customer journey infographic, effective organizational announcement, how to create an infographic

Create the above infographic in Piktochart!

After Marta sent out the org announcement in infographic form, something great happened: “People across the organization loved it! They said to me that for the first time, they actually paid attention and read the org change announcement.”

So we’re empowering you to be like Marta today, and get to making your org announcements beautiful and engaging – which is why we put together this mini-guide to help you refresh your internal communications.

Begin by Rethinking Organizational Announcements

One of the reasons that internal communications always feel a bit antiquated, is because we’ve been doing them the same way for decades. Like any process that needs to be innovated on, we have to first start with an audit where you take stock of what works and what doesn’t.

The audit can use these questions as a guideline:

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you’ll get a better idea of what needs to change. As always, make sure all of your answers are backed with data because numbers are the quickest route to helping you locate the pitfalls in your org announcements.

Improve the Way You Write Your Org Announcements

If you’ve ever worked for a large corporation, chances are, you’ve been sent a long-winded org announcement that you perhaps ended up skimming over. The problem with most org announcements today is that they’re too lengthy and not at all user-friendly.

Here are a handful of ways that you can improve your organizational announcements. 

Visual Examples

Org announcements typically show up in an email, attached as a PDF. But what if we could think outside the box and use different formats to bring our org announcements to life?

Sending an e-newsletter is just one way to send a message, but the possibilities are endless if you can consider using a well-designed flyer, create a poster, an infographic, or a dynamic presentation for your next organizational announcement.

It’s easy to start saving time and money with Piktochart’s design tool. Here are a few org announcement visuals that you’ll be able to create straight away running the gamut of posters, flyers, presentations, and infographics.


poster or flyer for internal communication, how to make an organizational announcement
This poster or flyer is a visual way to communicate a new process. For example, your company is introducing a new online monthly claim submission system and wants to bring employees up to speed – what better way to announce this than with a visual? Use this template in Piktochart now! Access all templates for free by creating an account.


how to use an infographic to make an organizational announcement
This infographic can be used to communicate your company’s vision or mission. This is particularly helpful when it comes to hiring and recruitment, and also familiarizing new employees with the essence of your company culture. Use this template now in Piktochart!

presentation for organizational communication

This presentation can be used to communicate an overview of your company’s annual outlook. Can be particularly helpful when sharing data on business growth, presenting a new strategy, giving updates about new competitors in the space, and perhaps an updated vision and mission. Use this template in Piktochart!

Now that your organizational announcements are all spruced up thanks to visuals, we’d like you to reach out to our customer support team with your ideas for additional templates. You can also check out our org announcement Pinterest board for more inspirations. Until then, happy Piktocharting!

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