How to Attract Customers Unique to Your Business

Publicity gone right is probably the most awesome things that can happen to a business. Seeing your marketing and publicity campaign going viral makes all the invested dollars and sleepless nights pay off. One of the many tricks of the publicity trade is content. Publicity techniques are plenty, but let’s talk content marketing with infographics.

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What will get you the customers you need? What do you need to attract the right customers unique to your business?

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How infographics attract the right customers

Naturally, you would want your publicity to be likened to an oasis. It is a paradise that attracts people who need you. Publishing and promoting your infographic in the right place puts it in the center of the widest range of audience. With careful design and target user research, your target viewers will have no trouble identifying themselves in your infographic.

An infographic is right for the visually oriented learner

Visual aspects play a vital role in content marketing. Infographic simply fits the role. With graphical representation of perhaps your value propositions or product values, you can easily deliver the message across.

According to Brafton,

  • Website content which included an image boosts engagement by 47%
  • Web users look for graphics and chat about good-looking brand content
  • 1,300 Tweets mention an #infographic in a given 24-hour period on average
  • Attractive visuals increase willingness to read content by 80%

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Connect with multiple niche customers at once

Microcontent like micro infographics, memes, posters and others are easy to share. You can share them on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook and see it go viral easily. Be sure to include the key messages regarding your business or brands, or CTA.

Imagine being cooped up in the office with your eyes glued to your PC, hands to your keyboard the entire day. Tired from a hard days work and simply wish to head home for a nice warm bath. But to come across these interesting posters, perhaps seen plastered at the water cooler, sent to you via email or from your Facebook walls. Someone understands your situation and is offering to help you! So why not?


These posters are from the The Lost Dogs Home, an interesting niche marketing strategy in hopes of getting their dogs adopted.

Show your funny side with infographics

Everyone loves to have perfect teeth, but how many people you know actually enjoys browsing dentists’ websites?

The same can be said for other business of a serious nature. It’s a necessity and people need these services. But, many will not take the initiative to look for it until they need it. Instead, they browse around on social network channels and looking at pictures or stories that appeal to them. When they find something they think is clever or funny, they instantly share it with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

Now imagine that there is a fun picture with a subtle message which highlights your company. It is composed of unique facts related to the services you offer.

Overnight, you find that your image has been passed around the Internet thousands (or millions) of times. This means that you no longer need to worry about advertising budget and can say good-bye to ineffective ads.

All of a sudden, you have a business card that is bringing customers in the door like never before. As your sales increase, your target audience is calling you for services or looking for a reference in their geographic location. Plus, they have decided that you are funny and smart due to your high-quality infographic meme.


Who doesn’t love a good Jessica Hagy index card? 🙂

As you draw in readers, you draw in business

One of the best things that can happen is that your company creates an infographic campaign that carries your business name that goes viral. In today’s marketing and advertising world, going viral on the internet means hundreds of thousands of people see your brand name because it is associated with cool content like videos and pictures.

In other words, infographics work in today’s difficult advertising market.
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Create eye-catching visuals to reach your digital marketing goals with Piktochart.

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